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camino de santiago

I’M OFF THEN by Hape Kerkeling Have you ever thought about hiking the Camino de Santiago? – If you have or haven’t, I’M OFF THEN is a delightful travel book; it’s very funny and very honest. The writer freely shares what he’s feeling and learning, and the thoughts that arise on his spiritual journey. Questions […]

paris, but not just

I’ve been thinking about where I would go IF I were going somewhere outside the USA. When I read Adrian Leeds eletters, I want to right away gather my things and be on my way. She lives in France and is very honest about how it is to live there. Her love for that area […]

vacations and labor day weekend

For many people Labor Day means closing a beach house, or leaving a rented villa in a beautiful European city, or summer day outings with family and friends, or, shall I count the endless vacation choices? Better not, you say. Okay, I understand; I won’t. In any event, it’s time to head back to a […]

peace and love in 2008

I hope anyone reading this was able to welcome in the New Year around family, friends and loved ones. Mom, thanks for making the trip. It was wonderful as always having you with us. I’m thinking that Taverna Agora may become a family spot… Good things coming for all of us in 2008!

new york city and philadelphia

Do you need a reminder that the holidays are coming? Just teasing. Philadelphia is a sweet, doable city. And the information collected at this time as I’m trying to learn about this city is not necessarily written in stone. For instance, someone said there are no movie theaters in center city. But, as I walked […]

on flying

Emi is on her way to Japan at the moment. Have a happy and safe flight, dear Emi. And a trip that makes your heart sing. Flying, especially on a 13-hour flight, tends to dehydrate the body. Bringing and drinking lots of water will minimize jet lag and give a boost to the body, and […]

philly, it’s a wonderful city

I find it hard to believe that I hadn’t been to Philadelphia until this past weekend. It’s a wonderful city. And it’s easy to navigate many of the neighborhoods by foot. My cousin Norm, cousin-in-law Pat, and I stayed at Courtyard by Marriott at 21 N. Juniper Street. It was a good choice. We arrived […]

fun & sun in aruba

And I got chills reading your blog, Michael. Because there you are at a beautiful resort in Aruba with Alicia, and friends and acquaintances, eating, drinking, most likely there’s dancing and good conversation. It’s an absolutely beautiful evening. You leave because Sebastian is ready for sleep, and you both walk slowly along a path, you […]

Fun & Sun In Aruba

Yes, after a year of planning we are finally here. Partly for vacation (well mostly) and partly for our friends’ wedding. It has been an absolute blast and just a wonderful island to visit. After getting hustled out of an extra 3 bucks by the cabbie from the airport to the hotel it has been […]

international living

Do you ever entertain thoughts about living abroad? Are those thoughts ready to become a reality for you? I’ve been reading eletters from International Living for awhile, and highly recommend that anyone wanting to live abroad, or anyone who enjoys traveling on a broad scale, get a subscription to IL. Kathleen Peddicord is the publisher. […]

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