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Autism Awareness Month

Today kicked off Autism Awareness Month. While this issue continues to grow and affect families globally it is also getting the attention and focus necessary to at least try and keep pace with the huge number of people touched by this disorder. There are still many people slipping through the cracks and in need of […]

a happy birthday

When I reached the age of 40, I decided 40 was a good number for me, so 40 I stayed – in my mind. It dawned on me this past weekend, however, that I have to move on up because in three years my son will be 40. Now I’m forced to wonder, where does […]

The Master Cleanse Experience… aka Lemonade Diet

Well it has been sometime since I have blogged, before the birth of our second baby, Clover Alessandra. This topic, however, has to be blogged about. I started the Master Cleanse diet this past Monday, January 29th, 2008. It is a 10 day(min) fast where you only consume liquids consisting of a lemonade concoction and […]

thanksgiving 2008

Did you somehow filter the outside world long enough to think of all the reasons to be thankful on this Thanksgiving 2008? Sometimes it’s tough, esp. when we see photos of people in California losing all the stuff they hold dear, or the people in places such as Mumbai (formerly Bombay) losing their lives in […]

clover alessandra

I flew to Raleigh, NC a few days before beautiful, petite, determined Clover Alessandra was born on 18 September 2008 to Alicia and Michael. Her arrival created an amazing whirlwind of activity for which she was blissfully unaware, and left 28-month old brother Sebastian deeply concerned about the new addition to the family. We noticed […]

oops! father’s day has come and gone

Oops! No post here on Father’s Day. How can that be when so frequently I look around and admire all the fathers attending to their children. It’s never too late to write about this big wonderful change. When did this happen that men are sharing parenting big time? Of course, there always have been great […]

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