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phineas parkhurst quimby

Every so often I read the “spam” that finds its way to this site. Some are funny (thanks for the laughs), nicely written, and, once in a while, there’s that one person who gets carried away with thinking, usually about politics. And I’m a little concerned about this one person who seems to spend too […]

studies show. . .

It’s been said that when we practice, practice, practice for some 10,000 hours we will have mastered whatever it is we want to master. Recent research also shows that our brain is 50% plastic and that we absolutely can change, change, change – radically. We, who have been telling ourselves for a very long time […]

body mind spirit

We had fun this summer, didn’t we? And now some of us will hopefully enjoy fall and winter and some will go where the sun is. That said, I’m perusing a few magazine. There are always top-notch articles, retreats and workshops to know about, and online shopping for things to enhance our journey. And so […]

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