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Every so often I read the “spam” that finds its way to this site. Some are funny (thanks for the laughs), nicely written, and, once in a while, there’s that one person who gets carried away with thinking, usually about politics. And I’m a little concerned about this one person who seems to spend too much time with politics-as-usual: the shenanigans – putting it mildly – of the stock market, banks, corporations, big pharma, all that campaign money, lack of honest presidential candidates (except one), etc. I have to ask, Have you any solutions? Are you holding family and friends hostage, and forcing them to listen to your take on these subjects? You know what they say, focus on solutions, not on problems. Perhaps you have to start looking outside the box. Start with a copy of Ode magazine. It tends to inspire; the editor and writers look outside the box. Or, if you just want to complain, maybe you could buy a journal and write, write, write. At the end of a month, read it. You might discover something about yourself.

Strangely, the above somehow reminds me of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby. Long ago I bought a 56-page book written in 1951 by Ann Ballew Hawkins. Have you heard about Dr. Quimby? Well, he was born in New Hampshire in 1802, and lived in Maine most of his life. He was a clockmaker. What he really wanted to do though was to focus on the mind of man and how to get man to use the Mind of God. He spend much of his time exploring this topic, and, through trial and error, arrived at a conclusion. He had to do his own homework as in those days information wasn’t at his fingertips. What he had was a bible which he studied unrelentingly, and with, “elementary pioneer work he discovered Spiritual Truth through experiment, patient research, and revelation.” Finally, he was able to heal.

He said the same things in many different ways “hammering” the Truth into those who needed healing. He often said, “Christ is God.” and, “The inner man is Christ.” He sought to prove this scientifically so that he could explain Spiritual Truth to his patients. That’s exactly what he did; healing thousands of people. Ann Ballew Hawkins wrote that” Dr. Quimby “worked upon scientific principles, the philosophy of which was perfectly explained by him and understood by the patient.

And so, Mr. politics-as-usual spammer, let’s focus on this from Dr. Quimby: “What we do not want in experience must not be entertained in thought.”

It’s Saturday, many are out walking and enjoying. Let’s enjoy, too.



studies show. . .

It’s been said that when we practice, practice, practice for some 10,000 hours we will have mastered whatever it is we want to master. Recent research also shows that our brain is 50% plastic and that we absolutely can change, change, change – radically. We, who have been telling ourselves for a very long time that this is how I was born; this is my genetic makeup, will have to find a different excuse, and good luck with that, -more and more studies are indicating that we are capable of much more than we realize.

In the extraordinary book The Compassionate Life – WALKING the PATH of KINDNESS author Marc Ian Barasch wrote this: “. . . while our project may be to see through thought itself, thus earning our full name Homo sapiens sapiens, the creature that is aware of being aware.” I had to read that a few times . . . “thus earning our full name. . .” it felt right.

French born Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard, who, with his father Jean-Francois Revel, wrote the book THE MONK and the PHILOSOPHER A FATHER AND SON DISCUSS THE MEANING OF LIFE has been studied at leading institutes to discover how exactly has his brain changed after years of meditating. When the writer talked with the monk he mentioned that “ten thousand hours sound a bit much”; the monk replied that there are more recent studies of groups of people being taught compassion, and his rough prediction is that “you’ll see a sharp upward cuvre, maybe the most dramatic change, in the first six months.” Though about meditation he said it’s more like seven years, that “it’s not the seven-day cure for self-centeredness.” As I read the book I thought, so good to know, so good to know, so good to know.

Arianna Huffington praised the book with these words: “Refreshingly real, beyond right or left, just straight to the center of the human heart. If you want to help save the world today, then give someone-anyone-this startling, truthful, and passionate book.” And from William Ury, PhD, coauthor of Getting to Yes, “If I had to pick one skill that was most important for a negotiator – meaning everyone, every day – it would be the ability to put yourself in the other side’s shoes. In this extraordinary book, Marc Barasch helps us understand why and how.”

Put a dry book in my hand and I’ll end up reading the same sentence over and over. The Compassionate Life is not that. Along with excellent research, it’s personal and humorous and was written by “an award-winning writer, editor, and television producer.” He’s also the founder of the Green World Campaign:

Why am I telling you this? Well, I’m thinking that there are a lot of reasons to read this book, especially since many of us are realizing that the world in which we live is not what it could/should be.

Ode Magazine wrote an article on The Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard titled the world’s happiest man. Should you want, check it out at:

Have a lovely weekend – rain or shine.

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We had fun this summer, didn’t we? And now some of us will hopefully enjoy fall and winter and some will go where the sun is. That said, I’m perusing a few magazine. There are always top-notch articles, retreats and workshops to know about, and online shopping for things to enhance our journey.

And so I turn to page 4 in Buddhadharma and see
Retreats at Garrison – Practice with world-renowned dharma teachers in an authentic contemplative environment – Garrison, NY Tel: 845-424-4800

Another page and yes OMEGA “Omega Institute is the nation’s most trusted source for wellness and personal growth. Located on 195 acres in the beautiful Hudson Valley, Omega offers diverse and innovative educational experiences that awaken the best in the human spirit.”

Nice! -2011 North American Tour with Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, the last day of the tour is 16 October 2011. The tour is about “opening the door of the HEART. Mississippi and New York are the next places on the tour. We still have time.
‘If we can learn how to open the doors of our hearts, individually and collectively, then we will all arrive at the shore of peace.'” – Thich Nhat Hanh
for more information contact us: 760-741-CALM

And this also “Enter the refuge of an IMS retreat Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Ma:
Experience silence and simplicity
Strengthen awareness and kindness
Build a foundation for
wise and compassionate action

In Ode Magazine “Experience Huichol Shamanism in retreats at places of power worldwide with shaman & healer Brant Secunda”

And Qi What’s happening at the National Qigong Association? – “Gateway to Balance & Creativity”

And meditation cushions, meditation benches, gongs, incense, and malas from Samadhi Cushions in Vermont. 1.800.331.7751

And also DharmaCrafts The Online Catalog of Meditation Supplies

Turn the page and, ah, wonderful Tina Turner Sings Buddhist Chants
BEYOND Buddhist Chants and Christian Prayers:
“With the Beyond project I’m happy to add my personal chants as an offering to the world to share a message of Oneness through music and prayer that goes beyond religious differences and helps bring humanity together.” -Tina Turner

And lastly The Hidden Energies Behind Feng Shui by James Frank Loretta – “. . . This is the first book to explain how this ancient earth science actually influences us mentally, emotionally and physically to improve our health and prosperity. From White Tiger and Blue Dragon to Sacred Geometry, crop circles, Tesla, ley lines and more, you’ll be led on a fascinating journey of discovery. Purchase the book or do a sample reading at

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“Retreat is the opposite of escape. It’s about no escape. When you go into retreat, everything you’ve been trying to avoid surfaces.” – Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel

A good fortune may forbode a bad luck, which may in turn disguise a good fortune
When you want to test the depths of a stream, don’t use both feet