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“Many who would like to heal themselves want to know how to go about things like “trusting in your own healing,” “letting go and allowing healing,” and “accessing your place of healing.” Are these platitudes of any use to the average person? People who want to heal their bodies need to know how to put such things into practice.

A: I don’t like to advocate a set methodology, instructions, or anything like that, because if I do, I’m only creating more dogma, and the whole point is to be free of that. I do suggest, however, not viewing illness or symptoms as “something to be gotten rid of,” like an enemy. This a fear based reaction. For me, the appearance of these symptoms is my body’s way of trying to heal me. I know that if I try to eliminate the illness with an adversarial attitude, I end up doing the opposite, antagonizing it and embedding myself deeper into the illness mind-set.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t go and see a doctor. I’m purely referring to how I view disease or physical manifestations of the body. The idea is not to obsess about it and have your days revolve around doing things for the sole purpose of getting rid of the illness. It’s actually far more productive to distract yourself and stay occupied with activities that stimulate you in a positive, creative way.

As far as I could, I’d try to free myself from needing my health to be a certain way in order to find happiness and just create joy in the moment, as though I were already healthy. Living in the present means not carrying any emotional baggage from one segment of time into the next. Every instant is unique and can’t be replicated. It’s our choice whether to carry our fears with us, keeping us stuck in illness.

You don’t have to be a spiritual guru or anything. Just make the most of every minute, living it to the fullest and doing things that make you happy, whether you have a month to live or 100 years.” ~ Anita Moorjani, Dying to Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing

a gift of words

Through the years I’ve gotten some lovely-to-look-at-notebooks as gifts, and I feel that what’s written on their pages needs to match the notebook’s appearance. I copy words from books, videos, movies, and people doing workshops. I copy the words for different reasons, mostly though because they give an Aha! feeling, and they do that just about every time they’re read. My thinking is that just as we need sustenance for our bodies, we also need it for our minds and spiritual selves. Sometimes in the morning when I’m enjoying a breakfast smoothie made with Dr. Schulze’s SuperFood Plus, I read something at random from one of the notebooks – food for thought in the form of harmony and inspiration. And at night there are those times when they give a feeling of serenity, sometimes security, but not the kind of security we tend to try for in the world.

I’ll gladly share some of the words with you; I think they want to be shared. And I’ll gladly share Dr. Schulze’s website with you too:

“Watching television, seeing everything going on in the world, often leads the small mind to judgment and fear. When you engage this response, you connect yourself to the very energy and dynamics you judge. Far better in such moments is to bless all the Souls and events you witness. Realizing that all people are being called to their curriculum by their Soul will help anyone remember that everything happens for growth – individual and collective.”

“The ego can only survive when we’re in pain. . . . The ego’s friends are guilt, fear, denial and attack. . . . Forgiveness tears down the ego’s walls of separation. . . . The ego cannot survive in the light of loving thoughts.”
– Gabrielle Bernstein in Spirit Junkie: a radical road to discovering self-love and miracles.


“The hopeless desolate individual who has been told that nothing more can be done for him should be reminded that the human mind has vast unexplored territory in which lie tremendous resources for healing. His mind is actually an extension of the Infinite Mind. This is not just a pretty figure of speech; it is actual fact. But man usually has to come to the limit of human resources before he will dare to launch himself upon the illimitable ocean of the Infinite. When he does so, he finds that ‘With God all things are possible.’ ” I’ve had this book since 1991; it’s a keeper.
– Frederick Bailes 1889 – 1070, The Healing Power of Balanced Emotions


“When all of our intentions and actions in daily life originate from the intuitive wisdom of our hearts; when we feel and act with sincere appreciation, caring and kindness for others; and when we can observe the world around us without the preset judgments of the mind but rather with the compassion in our heart – then we will truly be living from the heart.”
– Sara Childre, Institute of HeartMath, Heart-Based Living Empowers Co-Creation

“Risk taking, trust and serendipity are key ingredients of joy. Without risk, nothing new ever happens. Without trust, fear creeps in, without serendipity, there are no surprises.”
– Rita Golden Gelman, wrote seventy children’s books and Tales of a Female Nomad, Living at Large in the World.
And a delightful book it is! Her website suggests that she’s a nomad in every sense of the word.


“You rise to a higher level of consciousness by taking your attention away from your present limitations and placing it upon that which you desire to be.” – Neville


“If we can be still we can fall into a different reality.”
– Anita Moorjani in an interview with Lilou Mace – Life Lessons from Anita Moorjani’s Near Death Experience (NDE) on
Give yourself a gift; sit, watch, listen to the entire video. It’s almost certain that the viewer just might come away with a different way of feeling about life, death, and all that’s in between.


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“Two men looked out from prison bars, one saw mud the other saw stars.”

Dying To Be Me


taken from:

Here it is- one more post about the book DYING TO BE ME. Are you saying, why, oh why? Here’s why: In it are words that soothe the human spirit, and the words come alive because Anita Moorjani experienced something utterly magnificent when she had a Near Death Experience unlike any other, and returned to her body with the understanding that it would soon be healed of lymphoma cancer. To not read her book is to not give ourselves the benefit of viewing life in a completely different way. Fear seems to permeate too many areas of life on planet Earth. It doesn’t have to be this way; it shouldn’t be this way. But it is because at every turn, much of what we hear, watch, and read puts fear into us. And although freedom should be ours on planet Earth, it’s really, really not, unless with eyes wide open we make it happen.

We’re also in fear when we sweep sickness and death “under the rug,” facing them (or not) only when a loved one is sick or dying, or when we are. Over and over it’s been said through the ages that opening ourselves to life, to love, allows us to shed the fear and live a fearless life. This is what the message in DYING TO BE ME is about. The words in the book bring us to an understanding very different from what we’ve learned about life on planet Earth. It’s not good enough to just read what others say about DYING TO BE ME. Anita Moorjani’s words as she felt during her experience – her words describing this experience, leave a definite impact on the reader.
During the time of her near death experience family members and doctors were nearby, or down the corridor. In her NDE her consciousness became expansive – able to zero in on conversations and feelings in the “other realm” and on planet Earth. When she returned to her body, and slowly put the pieces together, family and doctors were shocked at what she was telling them, and confused.

DYING TO BE ME, well, it’s quite a book.


Shall we begin right now to experience life lived without fear?

Enjoy the day and let’s all of us dive right into Life.

Anita Moorjani, Bob Olson, Cheryl Richardson, Lilou Mace

Have you listened to Anita Moorjani being interviewed by Bob Olson, Cheryl Richardson, Lilou Mace? – that’s not all; there’s more to watch. In every video interview her words continue to amaze, and the interviewers bring out different parts of her story for discussion.

In his two interviews with Anita Moorjani on her website, Bob Olson shared parts of his and his wife’s interesting journey into healing when Anita discussed her bout with cancer. He has an easy going style, and yet his questions and knowledge set the stage for a rather profound conversation about healing and her NDE. Wonderful listening! Bob Olson’s website is:

Cheryl Richardson brought up some important insights pertaining to Anita’s NDE. The answers to questions asked of Anita could greatly benefit any one listening. If you’ve read her book The Unmistakable Touch of Grace, you understand the reason listening to her interviewing Anita Moorjani is indeed wonderful listening.
She has this to say about her book: “This book tells the story of how grace has transformed my life as well as the lives of others. While some stories may seem unbelievable, all of them are true. Once you finish the book, the way you view your life (and the people in it) will be changed forever.” So true; I’ve read it and can vouch for it. Her most recent book, YOU CAN CREATE AN exceptional LIFE is co-authored with Louise Hay.

And Lilou Mace’s questions highlighted other aspects of Anita’s story which were all related and relevant to the other interviews. Again, wonderful listening. Lilou Mace’s Juicy Living Tour website has its own absolutely top-notch videos by way of Lilou Mace traveling around the world to interview the shakers and movers who – how to say this? – well, let’s just say, help us get from here to THERE. Click on and listen. There’s a huge chance you won’t regret it. And while you’re there, check out Lilou Mace’s full- of-adventure life and how she creates it.

Normally I resist being glued to a computer. However, today was different, and although it was lovely outside, I didn’t mind staying in for most of Sunday afternoon – the remarkable interviews on the above-mentioned websites had me mesmerized. It’s impossible to listen to one video and not want to hear another and then another.

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“a clear mind can see many more options – unlimited options. It can act efficiently, effortlessly, intelligently, in the present moment, and not be stuck in its deadly stories of past and future.” – Byron Katie