all those unwanted medical mailings

I’ve discovered that subscribing to one medical newsletter opens the door to receiving a whole lot of unwanted medical “stuff ” – many having conflicting information. About a month ago I received a booklet in the mail, and on the cover was a photo of a terribly distressed colon. It took a second for me to tear it into shreds, and put it into the building’s big trash can full of unsolicited mailings. A photo of a colon doesn’t freak me out anymore; on the contrary, the colonic course I took in Florida taught the importance of being aware. I’ve seen many photos of colons screaming for help, so I don’t know why this particular photo conveyed a dark feeling. Dressing the booklet in a manila envelope would have been a nice touch; it wouldn’t have lessened its impact upon opening it, but I bet my mailman would have appreciated it.

For now, I’ve come to the conclusion that were a subscriber to accept as truth, any one medical newsletter (at least the pile in my possession), and do what’s suggested: 1.) they’d quickly be in the poorhouse, 2.) have no time for anything else, and, 3.) end up more confused than before. Why end up confused? Well, it’s this: other health revelations come along, and what you once thought was solid information is gone with the wind, or, in order to be 100% effective it needs this other important something that’s just been discovered. I suppose for some it’s enjoyable. Their mind can wrap around the overflow that’s out there, and easily assimilate, discard (or not), and continue.

For me it’s time for a breather, the feeling of wanting to know more of what’s what in that enormous pool of medical news has, for now, been diluted. On a rainy day, late night, or when waiting for a friend, I’ll be reading about the power of gin soaked raisins in this fun to read, yes, fun! – book, HEALING REMEDIES by Joan Wilen and Lydia Wilen – MORE THAN 1,000 WAYS to RELIEVE the SYMPTOMS or COMMON AILMENTS, from ARTHRITIS and ALLERGIES to DIABETES, OSTEOPOROSIS, and MANY OTHERS! Oh, yes, nature’s gifts are also amazing.

living luminaries, the movie

If you want a change of pace from the nightly negative news; and from movies filled with violence and gore; and video games of the same ilk, then you just might enjoy the movie Living Luminaries. It suggests another way of living in the world, and explains simply how this can be achieved. The gist of the movie is that actor Sean Mulvihill, also one of the writers and producers, is seeking a way to happiness. He travels far and wide talking to those who have found their happiness, and are teaching others who want what they have. In the movie these well-known people talk openly about what they’ve found to be happiness, and how to attain it.

We need a balance for all of the negativity, and once we see the balance we can see more clearly where the negativity is going, and how it’s affecting us and the world. And once we see that we can ask ourselves why would we stand for it. Because there is a gentler, kinder, more loving, more open, beautiful, and peaceful way to live, if we want it. Imagine that!

Living Luminaries can be viewed online at

a big pancake and more

Often I would prepare and bake what’s called a big pancake. I really liked the recipe. Then I moved and the recipe was lost. The once-upon-a-time big pancake had few ingredients; still it seemed to scream “I’m delicious. I’m delicious.” as it was taken out of the oven. It was. And I remember the smiles greeting it when it was brought to the table. But I don’t remember recipes, so big pancake went the way of the wind.

Recently another attempt with a big pancake recipe failed. So I searched for recipes on the web. All of them are just a wee different, and that wee difference changes the taste and the look. Today, however, I think I found it. Yes, yes, I feel this is the one. If you want a treat check out and type Big Pancake.

Along the way of the search I discovered these delightful websites, some consisting of stories about chefs and the foods that bring them joy. Want to know the correct way to say pesto? Eugenia Bone knows.

Want to finally know how to make a really tasty gravy? Mark Bittman knows.

And then there’s James Beard; what’s not to like?

And when you’re out browsing don’t forget Laurie Colwin’s book, MORE HOME COOKING. Reading her essays on food allows you to go quietly into another world. Imagine you’re walking around, listening to her talk of the how-to of food, while she’s shopping for this ingredient and that ingredient. Some of your favorite recipes could possibly be in one of her books. Laurie Colwin was a writer for Gourmet magazine. Her books seem more and more appreciated as time passes.

It’s time for dinner. Have a delicious meal, and a beautiful evening.