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all those unwanted medical mailings

I’ve discovered that subscribing to one medical newsletter opens the door to receiving a whole lot of unwanted medical “stuff ” – many having conflicting information. About a month ago I received a booklet in the mail, and on the cover was a photo of a terribly distressed colon. It took a second for me […]

living luminaries, the movie

If you want a change of pace from the nightly negative news; and from movies filled with violence and gore; and video games of the same ilk, then you just might enjoy the movie Living Luminaries. It suggests another way of living in the world, and explains simply how this can be achieved. The gist […]

a big pancake and more

Often I would prepare and bake what’s called a big pancake. I really liked the recipe. Then I moved and the recipe was lost. The once-upon-a-time big pancake had few ingredients; still it seemed to scream “I’m delicious. I’m delicious.” as it was taken out of the oven. It was. And I remember the smiles […]

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