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It was the first week in January and I was visiting family – Michael, Alicia, Sebastian, and Clover – in Richmond, Virginia. Alicia had, very happily, just begun the CLEAN program by Dr. Alejandro Junger (for the third time), and was busy juicing and planning her meals. If you haven’t done CLEAN you might want to consider it. It’s a gift you give yourself – when you’re ready.

We, Michael and I, were not ready yet (although the first time doing the CLEAN program brought wonderful results), and so out of the blue Michael decided to check out the Whole Foods website, and saw that an evening discussion about the benefits of detoxing was scheduled in a few days, with a person named Stephanie. Sounds good, we thought. The first time that I went to the Whole Foods store in Richmond I was surprised at how BIG it is. There is no bumping of carts, or stepping aside to let another pass as in Philadelphia. And that’s okay; the two stores in Philly have all that’s needed.

The day came, and we’re at Whole Foods with a nice group ready to begin the evening’s session. Stephanie began, and, as she spoke, it was obvious that the session was going to be a good one. She gave us print outs; there was a lot of information on those pages. In the course of the evening, a book, The Seven Day Liver Detox, was highly recommended, and a superfood product called AmaZING Grass was passed around for all to taste. We were around ten people, and every question asked was thoroughly answered. Yes, indeed, Stephanie was familiar with the topic, and because she had an appreciation of the power of detoxing, she spoke enthusiastically about the subject with experience backing her up. On top of that, she had a wonderful smile.

We all left the session with a Whole Foods bag of goodies, and lots of food for thought. Before leaving the store, we wanted to buy some of that nutritious, delicious AmaZING Grass. But . . . it was sold out. AmaZING Grass is a company started by two men who are passionate about growing organic ingredients, and selling a superior product.

Also, I want to say that the movie The Beautiful Truth was heartily recommended.

20130223-140948.jpg I recommend it too.

All in all, it was a good evening. I hope yours was, too.


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Is there anyone who doesn’t want radiant health with lots of energy? Do you think this is a silly question? I don’t because a lot of the food we eat is chosen carelessly, and often it’s devoid of nutrition, loaded with toxins, dissipates our energy, and can make us feel and look not quite right. So, taking time to learn about the non-foods that find a way into our bodies helps speed us along on the path to health. Change can be difficult, it’s true; it can also be rewarding. Change tends to be especially difficult when we don’t have a clear understanding of the why and the how-to of it, and exciting when finally we do.

If you haven’t already clicked on to the following, there’s a very good chance you’ll be delighted when you do. Dr. Alejandro Junger sent out an eletter about a documentary film by filmmakers James and Laurentine. I think you’ll really like and appreciate it and the website

And . . . in his book CLEAN he mentioned Dr. Schulze’s website We can access many interesting healing stories from people who say they’re forever grateful to Dr. Schulze for giving them their health back. His website also is packed with possibilities that can lead us to change (not overwhelming though; I don’t do overwhelming). And . . . Dr. Schulze on his website mentioned the following
– also too good to pass over.

We’ve not a thing to lose in checking out these websites, and a whole lot to gain. All we have to do is read, learn, appreciate what they offer, and be happy they’re available. I’m familiar and delighted with all of them and trust you’ll be too.





So, let’s toast to change and to our very good health.

“Doctors who . . . parlay a mere risk factor like cholesterol into something more are misleading the public as well as themselves. . . . Thousands of people die of heart attacks every year who have ‘perfect’ cholesterol. The reverse is also true: people with horrendous cholesterol levels live to advanced old age without suffering any heart problems.” – Deepak Chopra, M.D. In “Healing the Quantum Heart” from Give Yourself Health: Thoughts, Attitudes and Your Health, available at PDF at in “Products/Services” – from Well Being Journal


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How are you today?

As I drank a smoothie this morning which consisted of blending frozen organic wild blueberries, raspberries, and peaches, along with 1tablespoon chia seeds, 1teaspoon turmeric, 1teaspoon Spirulina, 1tablespoon Navitas cocoa powder, a sprinkling of black caraway seeds, a pinch of Stevia, and because I haven’t gotten around to preparing coconut or almond milk, in went 1cup of filtered water, I marveled at the fact that since completing the 21-day CLEAN PROGRAM by Dr. Alejandro Junger, the taste for coffee is non-existent. This from a person who truly enjoyed drinking, and savoring, a wonderfully delicious cup of coffee, either at home, or at a cafe. I’m still asking myself, “What the heck happened?” I’ll just say that life is ever changing and ever fascinating.

And the smoothie? Well, it was tasty, and so feeling energized, I checked out the greeting cards on Tara-jenelle Walsch’s website These greeting cards are “inspired by Byron Katie and Neale Donald Walsch,” and tend to move the spirit. The beauty of the cards help set the pace for a lovely day. The words and the design have it all.

After feasting my eyes on the cards, I decided to check out her video at Now should you decide to watch and listen also, be prepared for words that will possibly hit home, words like, “. . . half of the world was using food, gambling, sex, alcohol, trying to numb out. . . .” and “. . . somewhere along the line we were using our heads more and our hearts less.” and “. . . there’s nothing we have to learn how to do, we need to just be . . . free, open, accessible, available, alive, intentional, connect with our heart, with life, with others, with ourselves.”

Yes, listen to her story and cry with her, and listen to where she is now and be happy for her, and for all of us, and let’s allow ourselves this gift of being truly alive during the time we’re here on Planet Earth.

I hope you enjoy Tara-jenelle Walsch’s words on her video, and then I hope you’ll enjoy a spectacular Saturday.


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What do we do without access to our own guru, mentor, or someone capable of bringing us to a higher level of understanding? Well, if we steadily put our attention on the right ones, books can be great guides.

It’s been written in these books that we’re all the creators of our own life, although most of us are not conscious of this, blame outside forces, and take little or no responsibility for things that happen to us. We think it’s so easy this way, although we’re not even conscious that that’s what we’re thinking.

And then there’s a small group of people who have a gut feeling, an almost overpowering feeling, that what is is far different than what could be. And this overwhelming gut feeling spurs them on. They willingly take the bull by the horns, so to speak. and, step-by-step, harness the patience and effort, and whatever else it takes, to change the way they see the world, to change the thoughts they think moment-to-moment about themselves and everyone else, and ultimately establish a new way of consciously living in the world. Again and again we’re reminded by these people that we’re all capable of doing what they’ve done. In fact, evolving is what we’re supposed to be doing, and therefore, we’re more than capable of getting ourselves from unconscious to conscious living. Nice, right?

Walk around city streets and it’s obvious that the majority of people are not too happy with. . . . Name anything and it’ll most likely fit the rest of the sentence. One area of distress is the physical body, lack of energy, irritable bowel syndrome, all kinds of allergies, anxiety, autoimmune disorders, bloating, constipation, body odor, cancer, diabetes, diahhrea, eczema, fibromyalgia, heart disease, joint pain, toxic overload, stress, thyroid dysfunction, and more.

Okay, I’ve taken the above from the index of the book CLEAN by Alejandro Junger because, in the clearest and most interesting of ways, he addresses humankind’s health problems. CLEAN is wonderfully enlightening, and I”m kept busy underlining and trying to take it all in before beginning the three-week detox program. Anyone suffering in any way – mentally, emotionally, physically, soul hungry – CLEAN addresses just about every human distress. Not ready to detox? – read the book, plant the seeds, learn and absorb – for now.
The following websites are from the book:

Most of us can use an injection of instant enthusiasm, right? Reading the book The Mother of Invention by Neale Donald Walsch just about guarantees that we’ll get it. The back jacket of the book reads: “A biography unlike any other, The Mother of Invention tells the story of every human being now on the earth . . . through the telling of the life story of futurist and visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard. We are all moving through the same process, the book and it’s subject declare, it is the process of the birthing of our species.” this is not just any biography. You’ll see, if you decide to read it.
More wonderful websites:

Enjoy a lovely day.


clean by alejandro junger

What can we do for body mind spirit this year that will have a permanent positive impact on our lives, and on Planet Earth?

Perhaps we can start with detoxing. Have you heard of the book CLEAN by Dr. Alejandro Junger? It’s an exquisitely-written book having all that’s needed in the way of information, including recipes. Yes, imagine that, recipes, which means we get to eat while reaping all the benefits of detoxing. in addition, the writer keeps us motivated, there’s plenty of support, and, to boot, he inspires us. What more do we need? Nothing, except commitment on our part. Detoxing is a priceless gift we give ourselves, and I’ve not read a book on this subject quite as interesting and exciting as CLEAN. Alejandro Junger, M.D. is a cardiologist who early in his career went from being a specimen of health to being stressed, bloated, tired, having headaches, and being depressed. He had many good reasons for temporarily chucking everything in search of the cause. And that’s exactly what he did, eventually regaining complete health. He tells us his story so that we can benefit, and learn all the reasons for detoxing (liver, kidneys, gall bladder, colon, etc.). CLEAN, I think, is a labor of love.

It’s been over a year since my daughter Sumi forwarded an email to me with information about Dr. Alejandro Junger, saying that Gwyneth Paltrow had talked about him on her blog, Then this past December, I was on a train heading for Penn Station when my daughter-in-law Alicia called clearly excited about a book called CLEAN, which she had borrowed from a Hot Yoga friend.

And so, it seems like the perfect way to begin implementing a permanent positive impact on ourselves, and then Planet Earth, because when we’re in top shape things become clearer, and that’s putting it mildly.

Clean: The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal Itself