good idea?

Let’s let any stress we’re feeling today melt away . . . and have a Saturday of pure enjoyment. Good idea?


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Simply be who you are, do what you do best, be where you are called by joy, and let life work its magic on your behalf.
~ Alan Cohen

If anyone tries to complicate your life, turn and walk away from them.
– Caroline Myss

that gut feeling

I’ve been in Cuenca, Ecuador a while now and every so often I ask myself, “Am I in the right place?” Deep down I know the answer. But I’ve hesitated to bring it to the surface, so that question keeps arising. Now I’m really ready to hear the answer and to do something about it.

This traveling business can be a bit unnerving at times, — most of the time it’s good because it keeps the blood pumping, and presents adventures and challenges that tend to stretch mind, body, spirit.

It’s pretty easy living in Cuenca. The city is alive with culture, there are festivals of all kinds, music, restaurants, new foods to taste, inexpensive (sometimes hair-raising) bus rides to north, south, east, west, people eager to meet people, there’s a lot of support, a good medical system in place, lots of possibilities to learn Spanish either with a tutor or at a school, it’s a marvelous walking city, the big mercados are filled to the brim with fresh fruits and vegetables at unbelievable prices, there always seem to be a number of spacious homes and apartments to buy or rent, and, listen to this . . . that’s not all.

That said, the answer to, “Am I in the right place?” is, I’m not. And that sounds strange even to me after just listing the delights of living in Cuenca. However, it’s because the Otavalo/Cotacachi area is beckoning. Every time I read or hear about that land north of Cuenca, my pulse beats faster and I smile and imagine what it would be like to live there. It was my original destination before I second-guessed myself, and that says something for listening to one’s intuition, that gut feeling that knows.

Thank you, Cuenca. You’ve been so good to me.

So, life, you’re ever-changing. And that can be a very good thing. ;-)

I hope you’re all having a grand day.


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I like this by Hira Hosen:
“Just stop! Go in the heart. You can change reality that way. Move from brain to your heart. You can do this very fast. Tune into heart.”

delete? maybe not.

I just deleted a post I wasn’t sure about. That word delete makes me think of other ways we delete certain events in our lives. It happens when one small, tiny, teeny, thought arises and then manages to take over and change everything, because we let it happen – sometimes too easily. That said, maybe I should have kept that post.

For instance, I like reading travel essays, travel books, and various other writings by people in the know about traveling and living abroad. Lately there’s been plenty written about moving to Cuenca, Ecuador where I’m living. What I don’t see often in these writings is what happens to people when they make the move and find that, after having lived in new surroundings a short or long time, it’s not what they expected. And somehow, because they were too busy rearranging their lives to accommodate a life abroad. it never occurred to them that this would happen.

I’m feeling that human nature being what it is, maybe it’s a good thing that some travel writers don’t write much about the downside of living abroad (or come to think of it, the downside of other life experiences) because many wouldn’t make the move — doubts would begin planting their seeds, and once that happens, uh-oh cancel the move, delete that plan – let’s just continue doing what we’ve been doing. It didn’t work for that person, it probably won’t work for us either. Hmm!

But, it happens that when a yearning arises in us to do something – when we feel that push to make a change, as in moving to let’s say Cuenca, it can be a call to change. Period. Making moving the secondary reason. For instance, we move abroad and a feeling of regret begins to creep into our feelings. Before that feeling takes hold though, we open our eyes wide and try to understand the changed situation we’re in, and why we thought it would work when obviously it’s not. However, it could be that maybe we had to go from here to there to meet an extraordinary person who will be instrumental in having us grow in mind body spirit, or maybe the love of our life is waiting for us when we get to our destination, or maybe we needed a good enough reason to quit that awful job that was pulling us down. Many different and wonderful experiences could be right around the corner if we would only step up to the plate, trust, and not second-guess our motives.

And so, when we walk out into the big wonderful world we live in and trust whatever comes our way – trust we have what it takes to expand, explore, spread some joy, have fun with new experiences, and at times be open to serendipity and spontaneity, maybe we should simply continue on, and not delete anything. Because otherwise we’ll never have the opportunity of knowing what’s waiting for us.

IMG_1862.JPG Good things are being served at The Black Olive Bistro in Cuenca

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Physically, psychologically, emotionally, and energy-wise, you must break your limitations. That is when your perception expands. – Sadhguru

Simply be who you are, do what you do best, be where you are called by joy, and let life work its magic on your behalf. ~ Alan Cohen

the power by rhonda byrnes

There’s much to be said about the CD The Power by Rhonda Byrnes. Listening to it every so often can serve as a clearing out of unnecessary stuff we’ve accumulated in mind, body, and emotions. Basically, it’s about being grateful, the power of our imaginations, and finding all the things to love about life.

It’s a joy listening to the stories and quotes, and as we continue to listen, we begin to sense the power in living a life of gratitude. And then there’s the exhilaration that comes when we open our eyes wide and see all there is to love in the world. And also the fun we can have in using our imaginations and witnessing the results when we live life this way. Of course we can witness the results when we live life the other way, but is that the kind of life we want?

It’s raining in Cuenca. The rivers need it, the flowers and trees, too. Rain has a way of contributing to a tranquil day. So, I’m grateful for the rain. I love the rain. I imagine the rivers rapidly flowing once again. ;-)

How’s your day going?

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“We choose our joys and sorrows before we experience them.” – Kahlil Gibran

” . . . However, they don’t realize that it is their feelings that are the cause of what happens to them. To change anything whether it’s the circumstances of money, health, relationships, or any subject whatsoever you have to change the way you feel. Blame, criticism, finding fault, and complaining are all forms of negativity, and often bring back nothing but strife.” – The Power by Rhonda Byrn

“Talk only about what you love; refuse to talk about what you don’t love.”
– The Power by Rhonda Byrnes

comings and goings in ecuador


In the nine months I’ve lived in Cuenca, I’ve heard stories about expats trying to decide whether to stay or leave, and at Stateside stories of people trying to decide whether to move here, or elsewhere in the world.

It seems more than a few people base their decisions on other people’s experiences; they think that what works for that person will work for them. That’s not necessarily the case. Why would we want to plan our lives by what another person does? Their energy, experiences, memories, likes and dislikes are completely different from our own.

Questioning the lay of the land, etc. is important, then if it seems the right fit, we continue with the lay of the heart. This is another way of pondering what to do . . . because the within has its own wonderful methods of arriving at decisions. Sitting still for a while will welcome an all-important decision-maker – one that knows, one we can trust, one who is eager to assist – if we would just let it play its part, too.

When I look back at the times in my life when I followed someone else’s line of reasoning, and put my own aside, things didn’t flow. Of course it’s a different story when we’re in a helpless state, and unable to figure things out ourselves, on the whole though that’s not usually the case.

Learning self-love is a crucial part of the process, and from there we can go on to learning to trust ourselves. Then we learn to trust Life. It’s a nice way to live.

20140510-180248.jpg Look at the usually tranquil Rio Tomebamba with its waves of water rushing pass – thanks to rain, rain, rain. I like it; it’s so alive.

ancient secret of the fountain of youth book 2


It could be that some people might consider not buying ANCIENT SECRET OF THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH because of the title. Though once the book is opened, a treasure trove is revealed. Book 1 tells of how it all began. It’s a marvelous story, almost in the category of a delightful fairy tale. It’s a story that you’ll want to read before picking up Book 2 “A companion to the book by Peter Kelder.”

It’s written in Book 2 about Book 1: “. . . It is not essential for you to read it, but it is highly recommended that you do so. In Kelder’s book you’ll find inspiration and magic that can’t be duplicated here. Many people who read the book cherish the experience and return to reread it again and again.”

There are amazing stories of those adventurers who dared to wander into territory most people thought they could only dream about. And then there are the amazing five rites which are fairly simple to do and which have innumerable benefits. The only way to discover their power is to practice them yourself. It’s one of the few books I took along with me to Ecuador. That’s how much I like the book.

To give you a glimpse of what the five rites do, I’ll quote the inside cover:

“In this book, readers were introduced to the Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation, a series of exercises developed over centuries in the monasteries of Tibet and credited by thousands for everything from increased energy to better memory, weight loss, and just looking and feeling younger. Almost as quickly as the books filtered across the globe, letters began to pour into Harbor Press requesting more information on these mysterious rites. Now more than ten years and two million books later, comes a comprehensive companion volume that addresses the unanswered questions of so many readers.”

It’s good to know what’s in the marketplace so that we can choose what works for us, right? Now, if I could find a normal yoga mat in Cuenca, I’d be on the floor practicing those Five Rites:-)

Someone said, “Have a happy day.” I am; you, too?

dr. seuss


@TheRealPsychics: “Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!

I really like the above quote. Oh how the memories return of how much fun it was to read his books to my children.

paul selig

I watched an interview – Bob Olson of interviewed Paul Selig, teacher, playwriter, and writer of three books that were channeled.

Watching and listening was immensely interesting and informative, and I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this one.

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@JamesVanPraagh: There is no need for judgment. Judgment comes from the lower physical self, or the ego. Open yourself to the light of tolerance & love.

One of Cuenca’s finest


the magic of some words


I’m retweeting . . . my way . . . these words want to be shared . . . they speak to the heart, to the spirit, they have their own kind of magic – they show us another way of understanding ourselves and each other.

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@SMTaylorauthor: We will only be able to live in harmony with our planet, other species & with each other, once we are able to live in harmony with ourselves.

@SMTaylorauthor: In a state of harmony, life becomes easy. There is no more struggle. There is no lack.

@Soulseedzforall: Trust your instincts. Intuition doesn’t lie.

@Soulseedzforall: Being true to yourself may not mean having a LOT of friends, but it WILL lead to the RIGHT friends.

@Soulseedzforall: Forgive yourself for anything you’ve done, not done, whatever; call a cease fire on judgment.

@PanacheDesai: It’s no accident that messengers show up in your life in the way that they do. The world is your teacher ♥

@PanacheDesai: Every one of us embarks on this journey from the Divine and every one of us is returning to the Divine. So what are you worried about? ♥

@JamesVanPraagh: To attract positive, joyful, & prosperous situations 2 you, you must be that way yourself.

@JoelOsteen: When you go through tough times the enemy will try to discourage you. Let that go in one ear and out the other.

@soniachoquette: You cannot breathe deeply and worry at the same time. Breathe. Let the worry go. Breathe. Allow the love and intuition in

@VedicSage: “There is nothing wrong with Creation. Mystery & Suffering only exist in the mind …”-Ramana Maharshi. Go within & Transcend all problems.

@WayneDyerQuotes: ☯ “Society in General Always Seems to Hnor its Living Conformists & its Dead Troublemakers”

@SoulmateExprnce: Hold onto someone tightly, and you have a prisoner. Offer them a loving space to develop and grow, and you have a lover.

@TheRealPsychics: I think we risk becoming the best informed society that has ever died of ignorance. ~Reuben Blades

@jamesodea: Out of 6 billion humans, the troublemakers are just a handful.~Dalai Lama

@jamesodea: Demagogues exploit anger to promote us/them scenarios & to call for revenge w/o addressing the underlying issues.

@jamesodea: The world is also facing a lot of new problems, most of which are man-made. ~

@jamesodea: A great Tibetan teacher of mind training once remarked that 1 of the mind’s most marvelous qualities is that it can b transformed.

@Debbie_Ford: “There is only 1 solution 2 ur inner hunger, only one way 2 satisfy the hungry ghost, & that is to fill it w/ love, w/ higher consciousness”


I’m wishing you a lovely day.

quiet by susan cain

I found a book at Carolina Bookstore in Cuenca; it’s called Quiet The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. It’s written by Susan Cain. I don’t think this book could have been written any better. To read it is to have a clear understanding of what it means to be an introvert. And, if you’re an extrovert, you’ll discover things about yourself that will enhance your life; things you never stopped to think about before because you were always so busy. I’m an introvert and, for most of my life, have been surrounded by a lot of extroverts. And, so I say, If you’re an introvert Quiet will rescue you from thinking you’re a bit anti-social. And if you’re an extrovert, Quiet will enhance your life by giving you a chance to take a breather from your daily strivings. So . . . introvert and extrovert, this well-researched, wonderfully interesting, completely absorbing book just might give you both a new lease on life.

Could Quiet possibly be one of the best books extroverts and introverts can give each other – on this special day? Quite possibly, yes.

Happy Valentine’s Day and ¡Feliz Día de la Amistad! (Day of Friendship in Latin America) to all you introverts and extroverts!


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