a happy birthday

When I reached the age of 40, I decided 40 was a good number for me, so 40 I stayed – in my mind. It dawned on me this past weekend, however, that I have to move on up because in three years my son will be 40. Now I’m forced to wonder, where does that leave me? Actually, it was all in jest, the truth is if I were granted an opportunity to go back in time, or continue as I am, I’d say forget going back, moving forward suits me just fine.

This past Saturday was my birthday and Michael, Sumi, Emi, Toshi, Alicia, Sebastian, Sophie, and Clover – the order in which they came into my life – arrived in Philadelphia to celebrate with me. I find it impossible to express the happiness I felt at having us all together; it was a grand feeling, and a beautiful and fun weekend.

Was the weekend busy? Was it hectic? Yes, wonderfully so. There were three little ones under age three. Did we drink champagne? Did we thoroughly relish eating the scrumptious chocolate birthday cake from The Chocolate Room in Brooklyn? Hmm, let me think about that one. . . .

The pink roses laid on top of the refrigerator at Windsor Suites because even though the rooms were spacious, things are arranged differently when some guests are under the age of three. We were informal, we are usually informal, so no one cared that at the table someone was either getting up or sitting down.

I received the perfect gifts, and besides enjoying their physical forms, I see in them their own stories of strength, beauty, charm, love, tranquility, creativity, thoughtfulness, solidity, caring, and wisdom.

A birthday can be significant – depending on the birthday person. At this time in my life, when another year is added to it, I feel stronger, richer, and more able to understand where I want to direct my energies. While I’m alive I intend to use my Life Force in a way that contributes to helping our earth, and also to understanding the connection we all have to each other, and to all of nature. How will that happen? I ask that question in silence just about every day, and I’m beginning to discover a place within myself that’s well-able to answer questions when I allow it. Allowing is to make room in the day for quiet time. And I now believe that to not allow is to flounder.

So, I say happy birthday to me, and happy birthday to you – may we embrace whatever age we are, and wherever we are in life, and in pure delight may we all continue to move on up from there.

* * * * * *
“It’s foolish how we rush through life and cry that time is on the wing. We’re living in eternity, and time is just a clockmade thing.” -R. McCann

“Too often people set their lives by the calendar. It takes all the fun out of life.” -John Glenn, After His Latest Shuttle Mission

“Learn to see, and then you’ll know there is no end to the new worlds of our vision.” -Carlos Castaneda