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Rain in Cuenca

Lots of rain in Cuenca yesterday, and today the Paucarbamba River is flowing by fast.

a brief encounter with grace

Yesterday as I was walking along Calle Larga, a busy street in Cuenca, looking for Bananas Cafe, I saw a lovely twenty-something woman with a hula hoop. She was dressed in clothes made of long, soft flowing fabric. She, tall and delicate-looking, was one with her hula hoop. Ever so gracefully she was performing in […]

a retreat, a salon, a bookshop, a book

Sometimes you simply know deep in your bones that being somewhere can only leave a lasting impression on your whole being, if only you can get to that place. That’s how I felt as I listened carefully to philosopher/writer Tim Freke being interviewed by Lilou Mace as they sat on a bench in front of […]

joshua bell and an experiment

Rush hour in many major cities is an intense time. This story though is about so much more. Last year I experienced “rush hour” when waiting for someone at Grand Central Station. I was standing in front of a store window when suddenly many people raced by – a stampede is what it was. They […]

caleb hawley, kalahari bushmen, rumi

I like your post, Emi, and when you described the five trained dancers kicking and flipping at Steps On Broadway while listening to the lyrics of Caleb Hawley, I was reminded that there’s another side to the how of meditating; it’s movement. Instead of sitting, the body moves, and dictates exactly how it will move. […]

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