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it is what it is

I’m thinking that Charlie Sheen should be allowed to have a private meltdown without all the media fuss. And that includes all the other “celebrities” who are in the same boat. Doesn’t it strike you as puzzling that with everything going on in the world, and with all the many fascinating things there are for […]

having what it takes

Millions of people watched the academy awards this past week and some got caught up in the glamour of it all, and maybe were a little envious. It’s easy to see how this can happen since in today’s world celebrities seem to reign supreme. The media report, without let up, on the lives of celebrities […]

tom cruise and a video

I saw the Tom Cruise video. Someone forwarded a website. I watched it, and noticed there’s something not quite right. The interviewer is cut out, and TC seems to be rambling on and on, looking slightly crazed because the whole of it is missing. That said, what I want to ask is: Why do many […]

where’s the mystery?

I went to a magazine shop to purchase a few magazines for a friend who was not feeling well. And there they were, many monthly magazines with pictures of movie celebrities on their covers — the too many stories about celebrities, including the gossip. And I ask myself, Why oh why do we need to […]

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