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I’m in Otavalo, Ecuador, a city surrounded by three volcanoes; it’s a vibrant city, with a 70% indigenous population, and I want to add, it’s quite a sophisticated small city.   On Saturday people come from many different countries for the market; it’s quite a happening. Many people come to import large quantities of scarves, […]

the untethered soul

Have you read this book? You might want to.  


If you haven’t been to Kripalu, you’re in for an absolutely delightful body mind spirit treat. I’ve been looking, page after page, at Kripalu’s spring 2012 catalog, and noting the rich listing of eager teachers, many of them are easily recognizable; they have solid reputations. They are very good at what thet do, which makes […]

controversy? or choices, changes, teachings

Before I clicked on, “Empty Spam,” a few words caught my eye, and I had to smile. They were: “Some of the things you say are controversial. . . .” Controversial: “clash of opposing views.” But . . . opposite views seem a part of life, and help us to sort things out, so to […]

body mind spirit

We had fun this summer, didn’t we? And now some of us will hopefully enjoy fall and winter and some will go where the sun is. That said, I’m perusing a few magazine. There are always top-notch articles, retreats and workshops to know about, and online shopping for things to enhance our journey. And so […]


It’s the month of December and I’d like to write about Jesus because, since watching Paul Davids documentary film, JESUS IN INDIA, my thoughts about the life of Jesus have expanded. Once in a while, a movie, a book, a person, an experience comes along, and, after that encounter, things are not quite the same […]

writers, words, and beautiful sentences found in books

The English language is fraught with delightful words and ways of stringing a sentence together. It’s a great language – a full and fun language – and can be a neat hobby. In a thick Clairefontaine notebook I like writing words, and the way they were used in a particular sentence in a book. The […]

edith wharton

Have you read AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY EDITH WHARTON A BACKWARD GLANCE? I’m not sure how this book became mine, but I started reading it recently. It’s a gentle book to read before sleeping. It’s written lightly – hovering on the surface – at least so far. Edith Wharton was born in 1862, and if you have […]

this hm quote for philadelphia

It’s a wonderful day in Philadelphia. I didn’t spend much time looking for an apartment in this city of so much to do. I walk down the street and people actually smile at strangers. Me! I find being next to the train station and hearing the trains pass is all right. I didn’t know until […]

the secret

So, what are your thoughts about the movie, The Secret? I saw it this weekend, compliments of Emi. Thank you, Emi. There was nothing new in the content as many books on the shelves of used and new bookstores have the same message. BUT to get the word out in a well-thought out-no-mystery-involved-movie is new. […]

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