dolores cannon, john mccarthy, ted j. cibik

Three websites to ponder:

There’s a woman out there who has an incredibly interesting story, and listening to it was quite entertaining. If you have about ten minutes to watch her video, what she says might leave you wondering about certain things. Then again, some on google call her a fraud, and others can’t seem to say enough wonderful things about her. So, is she is or is she isn’t a past-life regressionist doing what she says she does? And is she authentic in her writings?

And there’s a very simple to read website having a kind story along with information we can use. The message can show us how to help Mother Earth by reading Earthwalker Blog, Earth Helpers, 21 Ways to Help, and About the Ecozoic Handyman

And there’s a place in Pennsylvania having 30 private acres, and it looks liike very good energy can be found there. It’s website heading says, “Ancient Health Concepts In a Modern World.”

The sky is dark; the evening is young, let’s enjoy.