ron teeguarden and dragon herbs

Ron Teeguarden’s Dragon Herbs Elixir Bar in Los Angeles seems like a powerful way to add energy to a day, it also looks like a place of beauty. Let’s pretend that we’re at the Elixir Bar and we’re toasting to all the ways there are in the world of keeping body, mind, and emotions healthy.

Ron Teeguarden is widely recognized as one of the foremost herbalists in America. His classic book Chinese Tonic Herbs was written in 1984, and his website says that it “remains the best selling book on Chinese tonic herbalism to date in America” and that his wife Yanlin “is responsible for the beautiful ‘look’ associated with the Dragon Herbs stores, literature and packaging.” The website: tells of a remarkable story, and along with that, it has a lot of information.

I’ve requested a catalog, though after two attempts of offering name and address on the website, it’s not forthcoming. I just might have to take a Red Eye flight to visit the Elixir Bar; perhaps I’ll find a Dragon Herbs catalog there (oh, how inconvenient).

Lastly, I ask: What about opening an Elixir Bar in dear old Philadelphia? I can imagine that 😀