essene market&cafe, and the house of tea, ltd

This past weekend I meandered over to Essene Market&Cafe in Philadelphia to buy chick pea miso and wheat-free Tamari at WWW.ESSENEMARKET.COM”>WWW.ESSENEMARKET.COM On the way to, and directly across the street from Essene was a shop called THE HOUSE of TEA.Ltd. The shop’s window beckoned tea lovers by enticingly displaying some teapots and accessories from around the world. Yerba mate was on my list so I went in and took a place on line. It was a small shop and it felt as though it had history. I didn’t mind standing in that particular line listening to customers ordering. There were many wooden bins filled with teas I’d not heard of, and customers easily paid much more than I was used to paying for a few ounces of tea. Quality tea, I thought, as I continued to wait. I bought yerba mate and left knowing it wouldn’t be my last time in that little shop.

Now this is what I want to tell you. A few days later I checked the website of this small shop with history: WWW.HOUSEOFTEA.COM and was treated to a wonderful biography of the founder of the tea shop. And all I want to say is that if there’s any one reading this who can’t decide what to do in life, as odd as this sounds, you just might find inspiration when reading about the life of the founder of the small tea shop. Click “Our Heritage” and read about “Nathaniel Litt, architect, circus clown, magician, chef, jam-maker and tea shop owner – changing careers seemed as easy as changing his socks. If he got interested in something, he simply did it.” And I want to add that he didn’t do anything half way; he trained at some of the best places.

Ah, life, how very interesting it all is.

It’s another beautiful, warm and sunny day where I am, and I hope it’s the same for you.

Let’s enjoy.


clean by alejandro junger


I’m preparing for the clean program. You, too? I’m so excited! I’m thinking that compared to the starkness* of the lemonade diet, this will be quite doable. After reading the book and understanding more about the body and sickness, nothing can keep me from experiencing the benefits of getting rid of all the toxins in my body, some caused by me, and some caused by our environment. Dr. Junger has written in detail and what he says is easily understood – integrating body mind emotions spirit – he’s left no stone unturned – and the workings of it has become extremely clear. Dr Alejandro Junger is at 470 Broome Street, New York, NY 10013, and he has a retreat center in Costa Rica.

Of course, coffee has to go. And I have to ask myself why I purchased Trader Joe’s Costa Rican Tarrazu last week when I was considering the Clean Program. What a contradiction; ah, well, some habits are deeply embedded. BUT, that’s okay, my chant for the day is yerba mate.

It’s another beautiful day where I am, and I hope it’s the same for you.

Let’s all have an outstanding Saturday.

*starkness” because . . . I stayed on for 21-days, and that was not good judgment on my part – there were signs that said stop. Silly me!