A most difficult thing is to not write when you have nothing to say. Nothing to say? – you say. Why there is always something to say. And I say, not really. Sure we can all talk incessantly about nothing much. Saying something is more than that; it’s to listen to all that’s around us, and what it’s trying to tell us. Oftentimes it can’t be heard because we are a society that embraces noise. When we put away the noise though, and really begin to listen to what’s inside of us, and the things outside of us that speak softly and need silence to be heard – when we do that and stay with it for as long as it takes for it to know and trust that we’re really listening – we won’t want to speak, or to write. When this happens, we know we’ve begun to listen.

Some think that if they do this they’ll cut themselves off from social interaction. For a time maybe. But then the balance begins, and the decision is easily made, or perhaps the right way to say it is, the decision is made for us. And the feeling that it’s an exquisite way of being in the world comes with this way.

Imagine that.

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