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an article

Vanity Fair magazine has an article in its July 2008 issue titled HAS BILL CLINTON LOST HIS MOJO – OR HIS MIND by Todd S. Purdum. This kind of article, depending on how you feel about our political system and the people who have tasted the power connected with it, is always – actually, […]

paris, the city

Have you met anyone who doesn’t like Paris? I love Paris. What’s most amusing about this statement is, I hate to say this, I’ve never been to Paris. France, yes, but somehow Paris remains elusive. For me, it’s a love affair experienced second-hand through books, magazines, and people. Every day I read eletters from International […]

sebastian and me

Have you spent time with a two-year old recently? The days are amusing, simple, fun – once needs are filled. I stayed with two-year-old Sebastian last week when Alicia and Michael flew to the Bahamas. They had the perfect vacation, and well, Sebastian and I did, too. We got to know one another better. The […]

bottled water? tap water? a good water filter?

Because there’s a lot of concern for the environment, and many concerns about the quantity of plastic bottles accumulating, and concerns about the shorebirds and fish dying “with bellies full of plastic pellets,” Bottled Water BACKLASH by Melissa Knopper,, it’s beginning to seem that we should help our environment and save our money by […]

a witless one, a camera, sjp’s hands

As I was logging on to my laptop I saw a little photo zeroing in on someone’s hands with words like man hands, veins, etc. It turns out they are Sarah Jessica Parker’s hands. The photo is irksome for a few reasons. Many things are happening in the world at the moment. Thousands in China […]

let the buyer beware

There’s a gem of a natural foods store in Brooklyn called Back to the Land. The choices are excellent, and the vegetables and fruits are always fresh. There are magazines on health and spiritual matters, and pamphlets on upcoming workshop events, are there for the taking. I want to bring this store back to Philadelphia […]

hanging pictures

There are things in life one should not even contemplate doing. My nice long wall proves that. There are holes above, beneath, and alongside recently hung frames. I discovered that you can’t fill in space, and hide holes, by tucking small pictures in between frames that haven’t been properly spaced. There truly is nothing like […]


There’s much talk about coffee. Do we pay attention? Dunkin’ Donuts is back in the running, and seems to have made an impressive comeback. The word is that Starbucks is trying to reinvent itself. I remember when Starbucks came on the horizon, founded by a fellow from Brooklyn. Its coffee was tasty then, not bitter […]

cities and a sky

City people often want more of nature in their daily lives – trees, valleys, a sea, hills, a mountain, sand, a river, fields, stars (which are often hidden from view by bright city lights). This longing for nature seems natural. Some city people get away “to the country” whenever they can. Others can’t. There are […]

the essence of what is

Photochopped – tampering with a human being’s original features and form. To change a human being so that s/he is thinner – maybe the word is gaunt – and/or more attractive, takes away from the original. The photochopped look has no depth as the essence of a living human being is missing. When the icon […]

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