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madan lloyd

It’s taken a long time for me to read The Watkins Review Mind Body Spirit, Issue 27. Since this past summer I’ve been transporting it by way of tote bag, suitcase, hand always thinking I’ll find a cafe, enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, and read. However, with this magazine it’s not that simple, the […]

thanksgiving day

Now seems a good time to prepare for the thanksgiving part of the day, and have it be a real awareness of gratitude. We all should have the specially prepared food down pat with all the help from magazines, cookbooks, etc. The food of: roast turkey (or, if we’re in the south, deep-fried turkey), the […]

frog in the lotus position, and agartha by meredith lady young

I bought a gift for a special someone having a November birthday. It’s a statue of a frog (about 6 inches tall) sitting in a lotus position, and it’s on a table waiting for creative wrapping with paper and pretty ribbon. Every time I look at it it cracks me up, and I think it […]

joan hickson as beloved miss marple

When Emi told me that Jennifer Garner is scheduled to play Miss Marple, well, the first thought was, Jennifer Garner as the beloved Miss Marple? – how is that possible? Not to say anything against Jennifer Garner. It seems that Disney wants to change Agatha Christie’s famous and well-loved Miss Marple and make her “more […]

planting the seeds

Monitoring ourselves is a good idea when listening to the nightly news, reading mainstream newspapers and magazines, watching tv, talking about and listening to problems – ours and others, surfing the internet, and when choosing movies and books. When we’re not diligent about monitoring what we’re subjecting ourselves to we’re inviting our energy to be […]


Daughter Emi fell in love with a man whom she met at the Staten Island Film Festival, and she hasn’t stopped talking about him since. He’s even on her phone screen saver. I can’t blame her; he’s the kind of person it’s easy to fall for. Harry is his name and he’s an actor and […]

park slope, brooklyn

I have a simple question. First, the reason for the simple question. Last week in Park Slope, Brooklyn it was impossible to not notice mothers, fathers, and caregivers strolling babies. That’s fine; Park Slope is an almost ideal place for families. And, at the same time, a wonderful place for people of all ages on […]


Winter sometimes seems very long. That’s what people say. However, winter 2010-2011 is different. I don’t know why, but in this area of the world people are enjoying it, and it’s not because it’s warm, it’s not. Of course, I’m talking from a Philadelphia perspective, and not New England, or the midwest. Last year, in […]


Once in awhile I read some of the crazy spam that finds its way to this site (thousands over a short time), and I press delete. In the process, I wonder in absolute amazement why people would want to spend their time thinking of, writing about, and sending what’s called spam. Often it’s possible to […]

a black bra

This is a very simple story, and, since it’s Martin Luther King Day, I want to tell it. It was in the 1970’s that two baby girls were born, and at a certain age they became very good friends. One of them was black; the other was white. In high school, among other things, they […]

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