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those ny yankees

I still don’t understand what’s happening with the Yankees. What I do understand is that things get complicated when there’s money, power and egos at stake. Joe Torre was making 7.5 million a year for managing a baseball team – the Yankees. Fine, if that’s what they want to pay him. Then last Thursday, because […]


People commit suicide believing that they haven’t the ability to continue on in this lifetime, and many people are affected. Family and friends of those who die under normal circumstances eventually heal. In death by suicide, the healing takes longer, there’s always a nagging suspicion that it could/should have been avoided if. . . . […]

muffin top

Muffin top! It’s a silly name and we’re hearing it more and more-mainly because of those low-rise jeans. Silly people, wearing ill-fitting jeans deserve a silly name to describe the silly look they’re trying to achieve. If you’ve ever sat on a subway or a bus and have come eye-to-eye with an over-extended muffin top, […]

about baseball-let it go, michael

I’ve been thinking, Michael, about you and baseball. My thoughts go like this: I don’t understand your devotion to baseball-your devotion to a team of players making a ludicruously big salary who don’t come up with the goods most of the time. You sit, you watch, you anticipate a good game. Why? You’re often bored […]


The voice on tv droned on and on with “the news” of Paris Hilton. After a while no one seemed to hear the annoying words. I thought, here we are in the USA and the topic our news stations focus on, over and over, is the condition of Paris Hilton as she once again prepares […]

mother’s day

Will my daughter Sumi become a mother by Mother’s Day or not? Baby is due on 13 May, Mother’s Day, and she and my son-in-law Toshi are relaxed and waiting. Will the baby choose to come early, on time, or late? It’s been said that-early, on time, late-gives an inkling to the baby’s personality. When […]

the right family

Have you ever thought of what it would be like had you been born into a different family? Actually I know people who feel that the family they now have is definitely not the family they want, but somewhere out there is the right family for them. And had they had an opportunity to be […]

the law of the universe

I very much like the idea of reincarnation, not that it matters, one way or another. It seems a wonderful way of sorting out things. Do you feel the same? I didn’t always think this way. When I first heard a simple explanation of the word reincarnation years ago, I actually felt stuck-yes, stuck in […]


We’ve all been helped by people who work at jobs they wouldn’t have chosen given another opportunity. These people I’m thinking about toil easily, efficiently, calmly, and often with a little smile at the corners of their mouth. It almost looks as if they have a secret lingering in their memory. I’d say it’s the […]

a correction- new london pharmacy

Oops! I gave an incorrect address on 12/08/05 regarding New London Pharmacy. Please note correction : New London Pharmacy 246 8th Avenue in Chelsea NYC Please scratch the 245 and replace it with 246. I hope anyone trying to find it, did so. Now it will be easier.

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