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My daughter, Emi, is trying to teach me how to use twitter. I’m beginning to be aware that, to many people, using twitter is almost as easy as breathing. I, on the other hand, see that twitter page with an entirely different pair of eyes and mindset. To me twitter is like learning a foreign […]

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I’m always curious to read what’s written about Ancient Aliens and their connection to us. What’s exciting now is that reliable, well-informed people are dedicated to unraveling the truth about this subject. There was a time when only a few were privy to discoveries, or if they were revealed further information was not forthcoming, or […]

narcissus quagliata and michel domit

Lilou Mace has given us another exceptional interview with famous glass artist Narcissus Quagliata, and the creator of El Santuario at Valle de Bravo (two miles outside of Mexico City), Michel Domit. These two creators, with Lilou Mace, treat us to a remarkable interview which, if we carefully and deeply listen, will change […]


I had a recent discussion with someone about bringing up a child in today’s world, and when I got off the phone I took a long, deep breath. it’s an ongoing discussion, and anyone raising a child knows about all the advice and opinions coming from books, magazine articles, blogs, family, and friends, and the […]


My friend has a dear one in her life who is being treated for depression, and so I began perusing a few books, magazines, and some subscription newsletters. It’s not a secret that there are many reasons for depression; the good news is that there are many treatments. My frequently-looked-at resource book The Sunfood Diet […]

pat robertson

I have read that more and more people are believing in reincarnation. If reincarnation plays a part in our existence, and if Pat Robertson’s opinion about Haiti (generations ago, people in Haiti sold their souls to the Devil and are now paying for it) is written in stone for him, we needn’t upset ourselves – […]

new york open center

The New York Open Center has been in the Soho area of NYC for 25 years, and for anyone walking miles of blocks, and tending to all sorts of things in that area, the meditation room and small bookstore is a nice respite. It’ll be different now because they’re heading on up and moving to […]

apex, move over; boltbus is here

Apex Bus (New Century is not worth mentioning) has gotten a bit sloppy these past few months. Dirty buses are the norm, keeping passengers waiting for long periods, either outside the bus or inside, happens too often. No reason is ever given. People put up with the staff’s rudeness, and with the dirty, smelly buses, […]

ireland can sometimes be wet

Around the year 2002, I began traveling with lots of anxiety, lots of inexperience and a big suitcase. I took off into the friendly skies and headed for Ireland. I decided to go there for the simple reason that I had to make a decision, and, at that time in my traveling life, it seemed […]

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