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egg whites, they’re not just for eating

Lilian, my friend in Malta, forwards information that simply has to be passed along. Will we ever need to use egg whites in this way? One never knows, does one? The story: *A young man sprinkling his lawn and bushes with pesticides wanted to check the contents of the barrel to see how much pesticide […]


On a very HOT and HUMID 99 degree day last month the train I was scheduled to take was 90 minutes late. The three Amtrak employees at the counter couldn’t agree on the reason it was late or exactly when it was coming. Okay. And so the train came and we ticket holders lined up […]

A lovely site that promotes beauty inside, outside, and around you – is an exciting site that guides people to innovative news and new products for revitalizing skin and body. This week they go behind the beauty scene with the director, and the writer, of the short film “The Retreat” This past weekend “The Retreat” received Boston International Film Festival’s award for “Indie Soul Special […]

park slope, brooklyn

I have a simple question. First, the reason for the simple question. Last week in Park Slope, Brooklyn it was impossible to not notice mothers, fathers, and caregivers strolling babies. That’s fine; Park Slope is an almost ideal place for families. And, at the same time, a wonderful place for people of all ages on […]

a new yorker

If you live in Manhattan long enough you easily become a food snob. And often you’ll hear a New Yorker say that the pizza, the bagels, the coffee shops, the fine dining are better in Manhattan than anywhere else . . . in the world. Of course, many people would like to argue this point, […]

it’s raining. it’s pouring. . . .

Early evening today I was caught in a rainstorm. As I walked I passed people on every block, mostly without umbrellas, either going to or coming from the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Suddenly I noticed a very different feeling about the rain and the people. No one was minding that they were getting soaked. No one […]

park slope, brooklyn

Every so often I spend time in Brooklyn because Sumi, Toshi, and Sophie are there, and Emi comes whenever she can. Park Slope is a haven for raising children in a fairly stressless environment. Big chain stores haven’t found Park Slope. Thank God! Small restaurants, friendly charming cafes, small specialty clothing shops, alongside the existing […]

african bird cayenne and a coffee wand

I have been hearing that African Bird Cayenne is the best quality of any cayenne that can be bought. It is not easy to find. After calling around the Philadelphia area, I was told Penn Herb is the place to check. I did, and it is true. There is a lot on their website, […]

a cup of coffee

The decision to drink coffee doesn’t come easily to some people. All the research and news about caffein in coffee, and the limiting of it to three cups, bring anxiety to those who can’t live with it and can’t live without it. Other people couldn’t care less, they just want it to taste really good. […]

joseph at signatures in phila

Cutting hair the right way is an art. Lots of people get paid to cut hair, but there aren’t a lot of people having the passion of their trade, or the vision to produce a hairstyle that goes with their client’s face structure and features. After moving to a new city, there’s always the process […]

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