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the river

Often as I walk along the Rio Tomebamba going into El Centro, I reach for my phone to take a picture. You see, the river is ever-changing, and because there’s been a lot of rain every single day during the month of March, the river looks mighty powerful.  People flock to the river for different […]

Rain in Cuenca

Lots of rain in Cuenca yesterday, and today the Paucarbamba River is flowing by fast.

cafe, tinto, por favor. Gracias.

Nescafe is usually served in many restaurants in Cuenca. I can’t help but wonder how that ever happened. Thankfully, there are two places a few busy blocks from where I live, the El Centro area, that have coffee from Loja, the southern part of Ecuador. And that is something to get really excited about. walking […]

Emi and her camera

Daughter Emi’s photos tell a story. She has an eye that captures the essence of a person and place. Most times Emi has her camera with her, and should that not be the case, the phone’s camera and Emi’s eye will more than suffice, because, you see, love and passion take extraordinary pictures. It’s been […]

joshua bell and an experiment

Rush hour in many major cities is an intense time. This story though is about so much more. Last year I experienced “rush hour” when waiting for someone at Grand Central Station. I was standing in front of a store window when suddenly many people raced by – a stampede is what it was. They […]

a 2012 imagine that! new year

HAPPY 2012 NEW YEAR TO ALL OF US! It feels as though it’s going to be an interesting 2012. Interesting that loosely-used and versatile word saves the user from having to explain further as it has a way of explaining itself. People understand what they want to understand when the word is used. I like […]


I had a recent discussion with someone about bringing up a child in today’s world, and when I got off the phone I took a long, deep breath. it’s an ongoing discussion, and anyone raising a child knows about all the advice and opinions coming from books, magazine articles, blogs, family, and friends, and the […]

are we alive yet?

For the people who are lounging on a beach soaking up the sun sipping a favorite hot day drink, well, I’ll just say that you’re missing the delightful season of autumn. The leaves are falling and carpeting the sidewalk. The many that are on the trees have turned from green to red, gold, orange, and […]

liking those quotablecards

Have you bought a quotable card lately? You know, the one when it first came to the marketplace had a white background and bold black letters. They seemed to have been a hit from the start. Do you like this one? “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?” […]

joan hickson as beloved miss marple

When Emi told me that Jennifer Garner is scheduled to play Miss Marple, well, the first thought was, Jennifer Garner as the beloved Miss Marple? – how is that possible? Not to say anything against Jennifer Garner. It seems that Disney wants to change Agatha Christie’s famous and well-loved Miss Marple and make her “more […]

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