A dialogue

In the movie Last Holiday, Queen Latifah www.queenlatifah.com is getting ready to bungy jump. She’s right there on the edge. That scene caught my attention because in the back of my mind I assumed it was something I could do. When I saw that scene the trip down looked mighty steep. So I asked myself, “Would you ever try bungy jumping?” Ah, a hesitation. “Why the pause?” I asked. “Hmm! Just the thought of it is a bit scary. It’s a long way down attached only to a thin cord.” I answered. Those words came rushing out. No doubt about it. Scared was the answer. That surprised me. I thought about it a little longer, and asked myself, “Would you do it even though you’re afraid?” Could I? Would I? “I suppose.” I answered, noticing a lack of enthusiasm, and continued, “I would be scared until it was over.” But I want to know, “Is that a yes?” This is getting tricky. “Okay. Yes, I could do it because after it was over, the feeling of exhileration would be absolutely wonderful.” I wasn’t so sure about this response. I kept asking, “Is that the truth?” “All right. All right. This is the final answer, no more questions, please. I”m not sure until I’m actually there.” Amen

Well! Good to know. I guess.

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