It would seem that this election year is not about having a black or white man, or having a woman in office or not. It’s strange that after all these years, and all that’s happened/happening in the world, this, among other things, is what’s written about and talked about. The world’s needs are not about skin color or gender, but about needing a person having extraordinary wisdom, along with a brilliant mind unencumbered by decisions of the past. The world of 2009 needs leaders of every country capable of implementing the changes needing to occur at this stage of the world’s development, and for the benefit of people everywhere. Imagine that!

Sometimes one could easily believe that our beautiful world exists for a handful of people. I feel that written on the soul of every creation is a right to evolve physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. How is it that a few have wrestled power at the expense of many, and, in the process, have caused unimaginable chaos and suffering around the world? It boggles the mind!

May our next president be all that he can be for the good of himself, our country and the world.

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