living luminaries, the movie

If you want a change of pace from the nightly negative news; and from movies filled with violence and gore; and video games of the same ilk, then you just might enjoy the movie Living Luminaries. It suggests another way of living in the world, and explains simply how this can be achieved. The gist of the movie is that actor Sean Mulvihill, also one of the writers and producers, is seeking a way to happiness. He travels far and wide talking to those who have found their happiness, and are teaching others who want what they have. In the movie these well-known people talk openly about what they’ve found to be happiness, and how to attain it.

We need a balance for all of the negativity, and once we see the balance we can see more clearly where the negativity is going, and how it’s affecting us and the world. And once we see that we can ask ourselves why would we stand for it. Because there is a gentler, kinder, more loving, more open, beautiful, and peaceful way to live, if we want it. Imagine that!

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