Haiku Mind by Patricia Donegan

My mother gave me a book last year for my birthday that has really made an impression on me. It’s called “Haiku Mind” and it is by Patricia Donegan. She (my mom, not Patricia Donegan 🙂 ) said that when she looked down in Anthropologie and saw it on a table, she thought of me. I could only be grateful for that. The book is Donegan’s reflection on various well thought of haikus and the writers who penned them. In a busy city such as New York, standing in the train station and waiting for the C train, can be a dreadfully boring experience. Sometimes it seems one cannot have enough gadgets, phone, itouch, ipod, book, magazine, nook, and still the time can’t pass quickly enough. This book is somehow the easiest escape journey. It lifts you up out of the bottom layer of the city, the one filled with screeching cars and people who play sidewalk chicken, and puts you in your own defined thinking peace box above it all. It is like a portable meditation cabana 🙂

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