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Have you ever made your own lobster sushi rolls… from a living lobster?

This past year, one of the most memorable nights I had was held by a New York City experience company called Sidetour. It was called: Crack the Japanese Food Making Code with a Lobster Lesson The experience was led by a lovely, charming Misako Sassa. (A chef who, coincidentally, when I mentioned the cooking class […]

The fall is a great time to curl up with a book…

Publisher’s Weekly has released their list of “Best Books of 2011” I can’t think of a better source to find great books to delve into. There’s a great variety to choose from like the historical non-fiction of “Catherine the Great” by Robert K. Massie, to modern fiction like, “The Marriage Plot” by Jeffrey Eugenides. […]

Learning about Sufism

When I was an undergrad I took a South East Asian music and culture class to fulfill a humanities requirement. It turned out to be a hidden gem full of great writings. One of the lessons that really struck me was the study of Sufism. The praise of happiness and music as strengthening one’s spirituality […]

Chickpeas a wonder food for living healthy easily

Many people who know me have heard me talking about chickpeas. I think they’re a great addition to so many, many dishes and perfect even just as a snack with lemon juice squeeze on them (spice optional). Throw them into soups, salads, I can’t think of a meal they don’t compliment, largely because they adopt […]

A funny new site to read stories from the single life is a site that gives a humorous outlet to the antics of dating life. Started by two New York city writers, constantly surrounded by their friends telling them hilarious stories from the nights before or years passed, the site has funny stories from men and women, videos, and motivational spoofs. The site became so […]

A Philosophers Notes – A great new site for spiritual expansion

I happened to come across a new site that I think is really worth taking a look at The “Chief Philosopher” of the site, the very well-spoken and positive professional, Brian Johnson, has put together a website with pdf synopsis’/mp3 audio clips and a plethora of other sections geared to providing information gleaned from […]

Failure is a first stop to success

I’m reading a book now that I find really inspiring. It’s called “The Secret of Success is Not a Secret” by Darcy Andries. It is a brilliant volume of condensed biographies, about individuals in the world from different places who succeeded beyond a multitude of failures. Not one failure, or two, some people seemed to […]

New camera, new look at scenery

I am overjoyed to have just gotten a new camera, the Panasonic Lumix DMC- GH1. It is amazing! I took it out for a little walk and here are a few stills I took in Morningside Park, uptown NY. Being a filmmaker, I also can’t wait to take some great video of the city… Emi

Haiku Mind by Patricia Donegan

My mother gave me a book last year for my birthday that has really made an impression on me. It’s called “Haiku Mind” and it is by Patricia Donegan. She (my mom, not Patricia Donegan 🙂 ) said that when she looked down in Anthropologie and saw it on a table, she thought of me. […]

Seasoned Vegan est. in Harlem, not just for vegans

I’m not a practicing vegan (I try to eat well though!), but yesterday when I walked in with my vegetarian friend, and Brenda gave me a taste of her “chicken” corn bread, and macaroni and cheese I was sold. Not only does Brenda radiate with a loving energetic persona towards her customers, but her food […]

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