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Lately when logging on to aol I see blog postings by well-known people who offer excellent information, and today Dr. Jean Houston – “Scholar, Philosopher, Researcher in Human Capacities” – posted “3 Keys to Living the Life You Want.” I can’t resist reading anything written by her. And so I read on and then clicked the print button as a few people will be happy to find a copy in the mail.

A lot of people have been writing about the global shift that’s taking place right now in all areas of life on earth. It wasn’t long ago when most of the writings were foreboding, interspersed with a few who wrote that the shift was ushering in great happenings and that we were to sit tight, trust the process, and lead a more compassionate life. The people reading what the foreboding articles and books had to say thought it was time to say their prayers and goodbyes because it seemed that death and destruction, and anything else of that ilk that the reader’s mind could imagine was on the way. If the mass consciousness buys into the doom and gloom we’re in big trouble.

However, the good news now from the experts writing – those who study all the angles of these matters and concerns and write from an intellectual, and perhaps spiritual view – is that something quite different is taking place and we can expect, after the global shift that’s presently taking place, a future that’s positively amazing, one that has previously not been experienced in the entire history of the world, one that will allow us to live life freely with new meaning, while recognizing and respecting our connection with all living things, including Mother Earth, and, additionally, to bring our own offerings to the world’s table confidently and fearlessly.

Jean Houston notes the reasons for people not being able to identify their life purpose, or, if they have, to not be able to fulfill it. She mentions our social systems and the way they are set up, and our limiting beliefs, and living our life within our “small story” that confines us to a “small self.” Her wonderful posting can be read on her websites, and it just might sing to many hearts.
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Jean Houston’s Mystery School is in it’s final year.

I hope your day is a lovely one.

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