acupuncture for pets at coral veterinary clinic at fort myers, fla;

    Dogs and cats are wonderful pets and it’s becoming apparent that because they’re living side-by-side with people, they’re experiencing some similar health issues. Just as a lot of us are seeking alternative treatments for our healings, some pet owners are doing the same for their pet. When I read about dogs, cats, and even birds being treated with acupuncture for their ailments, I was interested because some of my friends have spent $4,000, and more, for their pet’s surgery. And since not every pet owner has the pocket money to spend on surgery, and not every pet is a candidate for surgery, and prescription medicines tend to have side affects and can easily add up; why not go the way of . . . yes, acupuncture. This is what’s happening at Fort Myers, Florida, and it would seem that at Coral Veterinary Clinic, a pet is in the best of hands when in the hands of Dr. David Nichols. Ah, what a good idea. The article is on pages 16, 17 in:

    Have you noticed that new ideas are steadily surfacing as a new slant is put on an old way of doing things? And have you noticed how, in time, something taken from an old way has the ability to expand in a most unexpected and pleasant new way? “Don’t let ancient knowledge become a thing of the past!” Qi, The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health & Fitness

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    “God loved the birds
    and invented trees.
    Man loved the birds
    and invented cages”.
    -Jacques Deval

    “Strive to live unrestricted
    by your past experiences.”

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