A funny new site to read stories from the single life

Baddategreatstory.com is a site that gives a humorous outlet to the antics of dating life. Started by two New York city writers, constantly surrounded by their friends telling them hilarious stories from the nights before or years passed, the site has funny stories from men and women, videos, and motivational spoofs.

The site became so popular in a few months of being online, that the editors decided to create a rotating performance group that has a show every three months in Manhattan.

On December 2nd at the downtown venue Solas, the 3rd Bad Date Great Story comedy reading/stand-up show will strike again!

The site is always looking for new stories from a wide demographic, if you would like, send them a story to be published, they’re always interested in hearing from writers and funny people: baddategreatstory@gmail.com

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