Dying To Be Me


taken from: www.nderf.org

Here it is- one more post about the book DYING TO BE ME. Are you saying, why, oh why? Here’s why: In it are words that soothe the human spirit, and the words come alive because Anita Moorjani experienced something utterly magnificent when she had a Near Death Experience unlike any other, and returned to her body with the understanding that it would soon be healed of lymphoma cancer. To not read her book is to not give ourselves the benefit of viewing life in a completely different way. Fear seems to permeate too many areas of life on planet Earth. It doesn’t have to be this way; it shouldn’t be this way. But it is because at every turn, much of what we hear, watch, and read puts fear into us. And although freedom should be ours on planet Earth, it’s really, really not, unless with eyes wide open we make it happen.

We’re also in fear when we sweep sickness and death “under the rug,” facing them (or not) only when a loved one is sick or dying, or when we are. Over and over it’s been said through the ages that opening ourselves to life, to love, allows us to shed the fear and live a fearless life. This is what the message in DYING TO BE ME is about. The words in the book bring us to an understanding very different from what we’ve learned about life on planet Earth. It’s not good enough to just read what others say about DYING TO BE ME. Anita Moorjani’s words as she felt during her experience – her words describing this experience, leave a definite impact on the reader.
During the time of her near death experience family members and doctors were nearby, or down the corridor. In her NDE her consciousness became expansive – able to zero in on conversations and feelings in the “other realm” and on planet Earth. When she returned to her body, and slowly put the pieces together, family and doctors were shocked at what she was telling them, and confused.

DYING TO BE ME, well, it’s quite a book.


Shall we begin right now to experience life lived without fear?

Enjoy the day and let’s all of us dive right into Life.

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