Foster Gamble and Lilou Mace


Lilou mace certainly knows the right questions to ask when she interviews, and she manages to interview people from around the world who have a lot of interesting things to say. For instance, she asked all the right questions of Foster Gamble, and he spoke honestly about his life (his thoughts on being an heir to the Proctor & Gamble fortune – not what you think – though very refreshing), and he said that the things he’s involved in “move my spirit and thrill my heart” such as he and his wife’s movie, THRIVE WHAT ON EARTH WILL IT TAKE which was eight years in the making, and can be viewed in ten languages. Of course, there’ll always be people who disagree, as with the movie, which tends to make for interesting discussions. For a preview of the film, check out: If we wish to join in the movement, we can click the “solution section” on the website.

Lately I find that the movers and shakers say things that take my breath away. They are the ones who are focused on finding ways to save us and the planet, and have a burning desire to change certain systems so that they work for everyone and not for just a few. Do you agree that we’re living in a fascinating world?


As for the interview with Foster Gamble, click on Lilou Mace’s website: . I don’t think you’ll be bored, and there’s always a chance of coming away a bit wiser and smarter from having watched and listened.

Good night. Make sure your dreams are sweet.

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