a condo with a view


This is a neighborhood in Cuenca, and if you look closely, you’ll see a small part of the Rio Yanuncay – although, at first I thought it was the Paucarbamba. However, one day a taxi driver explained the flow of the rivers to me, in Spanish, and pointed to the one in question, and I managed to catch, it’s the Yanuncay. Better to go along with him than me. And in the background are the beloved mountains that can be gorgeous, solemn, seemingly threatening, dramatic, or, at a moment’s notice, become invisible – depending on the weather and the time of day they’re seen. Getting up in the morning and looking at these two beauties of nature while enjoying a cup of coffee makes me want to dance around the wrap-around- terrace.

The apartment where I’m temporarily staying is in an Ecuadorian neighborhood in a lovely area having friendly people. And when I need a translator someone seems to be right there at my side speaking English. And this gringo is grateful for so much help. When I gave up my apartment located across from the Mercado San Francisco in El Centro to condo-sit, so to speak, for a friend who had to leave for a while, I willingly took a chance for the splendid views, the Chi machine my friend left, and for the wonderful experience. I’m trusting that at the end of two-months another delightful place with a view of the mountains, or the river, or both, will be mine. I trust. Oh, yes!

I hope your day was all you wanted it to be.

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“You have the answer to every problem in the recesses of your mind.
The filters of the world just get in the way.
Feel your inner voice.” Kaya Wittenburg

“Hurry is a manifestation of fear. He who fears not has plenty of time.”
– Wallace Wattles

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