I’m wishing all of us a happy 2014 new year


Wherever we are may the year ahead bring untold gifts our way, and bring us to new heights in ways we can’t yet imagine. And may harmony, tranquility, serenity, peace be our guides. And may we experience an overwhelming sense of what it truly means to be alive on Planet Earth at this time. May our hearts open to each other. And may compassion and understanding follow all of us wherever we go. May the gifts that have been dormant in us be used now. And if we are offended by anyone may we respond with love – never taking it personally, just because . . . . May we be a part of the change happening on Earth at this time, and may we ask Source for the best way to accomplish this. May the focus in our lives not be so much on ourselves as on all living beings. May we be grateful, and know that we’re all an important part of life on Planet Earth.

And . . . may we all experience perfect right health, unconditional love, abundance, inspiration, laughter, success (whatever that means to us), beauty, creativity, fun, joyful adventures, loving relationships, happiness, a sense of fearlessness because we trust our world, and the courage to be our ever evolving selves.

This is the last day of 2013, Wow! – let’s all enjoy.

In my part of the world –




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