being here

I’m glad I’m alive, I love this world, and though it has much more than its share of tragedy, I’m happy to be here. And I’m going to continue to believe that we humans are born with the capacity to grow through all kinds of experiences, and that we came with support, and a limitless supply of love to distribute. 

This weekend I read quite a few FaceBook postings; some told a story of kind and compassionate people, and other postings would have given me a big headache if I had thought too deeply about what some people were trying to convey. That’s okay, everyone has a right to their own “story.” And everyone has a right to detach from another’s “story.” 

The fact is that the whole day long we’re all thinking numerous thoughts, and those thoughts can send us into a hopeless state, or uplift us . . . depending.

The game of life – sometimes we lose; sometimes we win. Though even in the so-called losing (after we pick ourselves up and put ourselves back together again), I bet many of us would say that it’s still good to be here.


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