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It’s taken a long time for me to read The Watkins Review Mind Body Spirit, Issue 27. Since this past summer I’ve been transporting it by way of tote bag, suitcase, hand always thinking I’ll find a cafe, enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, and read. However, with this magazine it’s not that simple, the reading of it doesn’t get very far because many of the articles are worthy of consideration as they’re not the kind that allow going from page to page, and then casting out the magazine. They seem to want to be read, and savored throughout the day, and somewhere along the way, the question becomes, why are they special in my life?

This morning I began reading DIANA’S LEGACY The Death and Rebirth of a Monarchy by Madan Lloyd who “is the UK Co-ordinator for the New Earth Olympics 2012, a free-to-enter online video competition in 12 categories, running concurrently with the London Olympics.” The following is an exquisite, not-to-be-missed website pertaining to this: All of a sudden tears started welling up in my eyes because the writer, after lovingly writing about the former princess, takes an abrupt turn – still tying in with the idea – just taking it in an entirely different direction. It’s a powerful piece of writing; it keeps in mind love’s power, while it touches upon this Planet’s heavy topics.

And he mentions Prince Charles, and William and Kate, and then writes: “. . . and we all badly need a real live fairytale love story like this one, not least because the happy ending is the timely and definitive demise of an empire built on lies, deceit and outrageous abuse of the sacred process of education, by which every man, woman and child on Planet Earth – regardless of race, creed, colour or social status – possesses the divine right of equal access to all information and instruction regarding how to make the very best use of this precious human life.”

And then, in his poetic style, he writes: “. . . as a bright new sun rises at the end of a long, dark night when corporate predators – most notable of banking, oil and pharmaceutical persuasion – preyed mercilessly on every innocent life they could entrap within the deadly web of their economic and media manipulations.” – I somehow lost it for a few minutes. And I had to wonder, why tears when reading this particular article?

I think it’s a special person who can write about corruption, greed, power – those topics that especially weigh heavily on us – while managing to keep an eye on the importance of every human being and, or course, on the power love can play in the world. A writer with heart and new wisdom has the ability to touch upon heavy topics using few words – the right words – and having those words stab at the reader’s heart – in a good way.

The next article in The Watkins Review: Eros, Buddha & the Spectrum of LOVE, an interview with ANDREW COHEN; GURU and KEN WILBER: PANDIT which took place at the Boulder Integral Center. I wonder what you’d think of this interview. If you don’t have the magazine, and want to read it, check out

Are you having a beautiful day? I hope so.

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