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clean by alejandro junger

What can we do for body mind spirit this year that will have a permanent positive impact on our lives, and on Planet Earth? Perhaps we can start with detoxing. Have you heard of the book CLEAN by Dr. Alejandro Junger? It’s an exquisitely-written book having all that’s needed in the way of information, including […]


At this time of the year many of us, for different reasons, leave the bright lights and merriment of our own hometown to travel abroad. We go for various reasons: we don’t want to be alone in familiar surroundings, we’re thinking that, at this point in time, we’re not compatible with family, we’re grieving and […]

controversy? or choices, changes, teachings

Before I clicked on, “Empty Spam,” a few words caught my eye, and I had to smile. They were: “Some of the things you say are controversial. . . .” Controversial: “clash of opposing views.” But . . . opposite views seem a part of life, and help us to sort things out, so to […]

frog in the lotus position, and agartha by meredith lady young

I bought a gift for a special someone having a November birthday. It’s a statue of a frog (about 6 inches tall) sitting in a lotus position, and it’s on a table waiting for creative wrapping with paper and pretty ribbon. Every time I look at it it cracks me up, and I think it […]

a path; a practice

Sometimes when we’re on a path, whether it be spiritual (perusing books, attending workshops, retreats, reading about the religions of the world, spending time learning about and practicing ancient and modern teachings), or health (exploring what’s out there so as to get a handle on the foods and right exercises that work for our own […]

let’s talk about death

Once in a while it could be very good to talk about death. Death? -you say Yes, why not? -I say. The news in all its forms never stops reminding us of it, and so perhaps it’s a good idea to give it some consideration, and not ignore that it’s a part of life. The […]


My friend has a dear one in her life who is being treated for depression, and so I began perusing a few books, magazines, and some subscription newsletters. It’s not a secret that there are many reasons for depression; the good news is that there are many treatments. My frequently-looked-at resource book The Sunfood Diet […]

about us

In her book, The Soul of Money, Lynne Twist wrote: “Mother Teresa once noted what she called ‘the deep poverty of the soul’ that afflicts the wealthy, and had said that the poverty of the soul in America was deeper than any poverty she had seen anywhere on earth.’” On her blog, 3 Keys […]

body mind spirit

There’s an excellent seemingly endless stream of information on how to heal body, mind, and spirit, and keep the balance, and the information is utterly exciting. With that in mind I strolled into a bookstore and checked out the July/August 2011 issue of Ode Magazine. For Intelligent Optimists is written on the cover of Ode. […]

florence scovel shinn

Every so often I think about Florence Scovel Shinn (1871 – 1940). She was an artist living in New York, who became a metaphysical teacher, lecturer, and writer. Her book The Game of Life and How To Play It has sold millions of copies worldwide. If that subject is calling to you, her book could […]

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