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bamboo juice . . . *uh-oh, mistake!

How is it that I’ve never heard of, let alone tasted, bamboo juice before visiting Otovalo? It was by pure accident that I discovered a young woman hacking away at part of a bamboo tree as I passed her shop. I’ve always appreciated all that the bamboo tree gives us. So when I saw them […]

joshua bell and an experiment

Rush hour in many major cities is an intense time. This story though is about so much more. Last year I experienced “rush hour” when waiting for someone at Grand Central Station. I was standing in front of a store window when suddenly many people raced by – a stampede is what it was. They […]

bus stop boutique + etc.

Isn’t it a delight when you unexpectedly come across a shop that caters to your needs, one that doesn’t require an inordinate amount of time to find exactly what you want? That was the case when I happened upon BUS STOP + Etc. “Fancy That . . . Happy Accident!” What lured me into the […]

The Master Cleanse Experience… aka Lemonade Diet

Well it has been sometime since I have blogged, before the birth of our second baby, Clover Alessandra. This topic, however, has to be blogged about. I started the Master Cleanse diet this past Monday, January 29th, 2008. It is a 10 day(min) fast where you only consume liquids consisting of a lemonade concoction and […]

gabriel cousens and diabetes….

If you have diabetes, or know anyone who does, run to the nearest news stand and pick up the November/December issue of Spirituality&Health Magazine. Gabriel Cousens, M.D. and Helen Ross, M.D. “cured” people in a 30-day retreat using raw foods. They did this at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona, a place […]

angela stokes at bonobo’s restaurant

Want to learn more about the raw food movement? I thought so. On Monday, 14 May, Accent on Wellness is presenting Angela Stokes at Bonobo’s Restaurant at 18 East 23rd Street @ Madison Avenue, Manhattan, from 7-9pm. Donation $5.00. Angela Stokes is “a British author and raw lifestyle consultant who lost over 150 lbs with […]

david wolfe and the raw food way of life

Once a month I get David Wolfe’s e-letters; they’re a reminder of the raw food way of life. The e-letters inspire because David Wolfe is the epitome of health and vitality in body, mind and spirit, and is dedicated to communicating to anyone who will listen the benefits of a raw food way of life. […]

david wolfe

I’d read in an eletter I’d gotten, perhaps 4 years ago, high praise for a book titled, The Sunfood Diet Success System. The next time I was in a bookstore I looked, but the book wasn’t there. I tried other stores. Couldn’t find it. Finally I went to the stores that were not considered mainstream, […]

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