david wolfe and the raw food way of life

Once a month I get David Wolfe’s e-letters; they’re a reminder of the raw food way of life. The e-letters inspire because David Wolfe is the epitome of health and vitality in body, mind and spirit, and is dedicated to communicating to anyone who will listen the benefits of a raw food way of life. Don’t be alarmed, taste is very important.

The benefits derived from following this way of eating can’t be denied. Although there are those who deny it, but I wonder whether those who do have ever tried it. Every month when I read the e-letters, I think about what it would take to once again be a raw foodist. For one thing, it helps enormously to live in an area where foods for an uncooked lifestyle are readily available. David Wolfe said in his book, THE SUNFOOD DIET SUCCESS SYSTEM, that you “should move” if the raw food way of life is not possible where you live. That’s his level of belief.

From experience I know that the benefits far exceed anything you can ever imagine for yourself. ┬áIt’s good to remember though that the raw food way of life requires the right information.

Ah, yes, since I’m not completely living the uncooked life, I realize that to be on and off sounds a bit suspicious on my part, but having been on has resulted in being able (most of the time) to shun foods that cause havoc to the body and mind. And when the time is again right, slipping back into the raw food life will be easier. To have experienced it for a year gave me an understanding of what it’s about, and next time could be the right time. It requires dedication, and if you can handle that amount of dedication, it repays again and again. In the meantime, it’s something to thing about.

I remember when David Wolfe spoke at Caravan of Dreams. At that time, there was not much happening in Manhattan in the raw food movement. Since then things have changed big time. I think his passion, determination, and energy contributed greatly to the movement.

“It ain’t over til it’s over.” -Yogi Berra

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