gabriel cousens and diabetes….

If you have diabetes, or know anyone who does, run to the nearest news stand and pick up the November/December issue of Spirituality&Health Magazine. Gabriel Cousens, M.D. and Helen Ross, M.D. “cured” people in a 30-day retreat using raw foods. They did this at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona, a place having an excellent reputation – a place and person (Gabriel Cousens) David Wolfe highly recommends. Page 58 of the magazine says “. . . results of this diet were stunning: . . . . ” and “It’s not just diabetes,” says Dr. Cousens, “Everything went back to normal.” People rediscovered their happiness. and This is not an isolated case. The article goes on to say that he has “supervised the reversal of diabetes in dozens of patients, . . . .”

If, through the years, I hadn’t read of Gabriel Cousens and his solid reputation, I’d hesitate to post this. I’ve great faith in the raw food lifestyle, and know from first-hand experience the power of raw foods. There are people who have distain for this way of eating, but it’s like everything else in life, we make choices and sometimes we are very satisfied with the choices and at other times they’re simply not for us. Listening to opinions without having first-hand experience, however, hardly gives us the taste of the experience. When we first begin to change the way it’s always been for us, it’s tough going. The thrill is looking back to where we once were and thinking how ridiculous we were not to have seen how the choices we made were bringing us down. That’s the thrill, along with all the amazing things that occur in the process of getting to a better place.

The above information on diabetes is part of an article by Matthew Kenney, titled, The Chef Who Perfected Un-Cooking How this superstar chef became a devotee of raw veggies. Matthew Kenney is the creator of more than a dozen restaurants around the country. . . ” He trained in Italian kitchens, and went to the French Culinary Institute. His restaurant company “collapsed” after 11 September 200l,” and it was during this time of picking up the pieces and concentrating on getting “my mind and body back into good condition,” that he was introduced to a raw food restaurant. And you know what happened after that.

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