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sugar is the devil

Sugar is the most widely accepted dangerous drug of all time. It makes children turn into angry little pixies running amuck (ok and me too), it causes diabetes, hypoglycemia, inflamation, acne, and many other conditions. (Great book to read- anything by Nicholas Perricone). Yet like an abusive lover it is hard to turn away, it […]

free credit report!

Did you know that Americans are now entitled to a free credit report once per year from the 3 major credit bureaus? It’s a good idea to check your files to make sure there is nothing in there that doesn’t belong. With fraud and banks/creditors not following through and keeping your payment and account information […]

The secret shame of e-bay shopping

I will not lie. Prior to this year I believed E-Bay to be some sort of weird-partial scam. Being a native New Yorker and inclined to skepticism I did not understand how people could create transactions with no face to face verification. The whole thing seemed like a bizarre trust cycle amongst suburbans that I […]


The library system, started by Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia two hundred + years ago, is a luxury easily forgotten. However, anyone who has bought a book at Barnes & Nobles lately knows that keeping up with novels you want to read can be a pricey venture, until you decide to pay your ten dollar fine […]

hemp make it your new friend

I recently read that hemp is the only plant which the body can process protein from just as meat products. This is key to anyone who is trying to build lean muscle mass and shrink body fat. Of course, hemp is also more expensive since the government restricts its growth here in the U.S. and […]

The Dud Avocado

The Dud Avocado is an nyrb classics book. It follows the year of a 21 year old American girl in Paris in the 1950’s. The voice of the book almost seems to read like a diary, disclosing pieces of; wild nights out with friends, drives down to the beach, run-ins with crazy mafia gigalos and […]

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