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“The Gig” a Collaboration of musicians and dancers at Steps

I just went to a brilliant event constructed by Whitney G-Bowley, a dancer who while dating a drummer back in college, was inspired to see dance and music live onstage together. Cut to now. January 2011, Steps dance studio on Broadway between 74th and 75th Street in Manhattan. Caleb Hawley is singer/composer/musician of the night […]

Excellent new place for vitamins and more on the upper west side in NYC

This weekend I happened upon a great little vitamin store nook on the upper west side run by a really sweet man. The store is called The Vitamin Peddler (charming!) and it’s located on Amsterdam between 77th and 78th Streets, bld# 364. I had been hoping to come across a vitamin store, but with Health […]

Sarah McLachlan’s new album Laws of Illusion is amazing

Before going to see Sarah McLachlan at the Beacon Theater in New York last Wednesday, I was familiar with her popular songs, but not with her work throughout her career. After a night of hearing her amazing voice (which in a decade of autotune is so naturally talented, when she steps up to the microphone, […]

another reliable restaurant with a backyard in new york city

Paradou on Little West 12th Street is a relatively quiet nook in the madness of little west 12th. Gone are the days when Pastis is the only bistro in the area, now the streets are saturated with eateries. One place that never disappoints is Paradou. With a charming little backyard that is a calm alternative […]

secret restaurants with backyards are so hot right now

It’s summer and everyone wants to be outside while they can get it. I have just discovered a great little outdoors-eating oasis that is not yet eaten up by the cheesy trendiods who have recently been stabbing the Meatpacking district to death. The new find in Manhattan is The WheelTapper Restaurant, which is attached to […]

The best low fat yogurt

I have been through most of the lowfat yogurts, some being: Horizon, Stoneyfield Farm, Silk (the soy variety which is low in fat, but more and more people are having trouble digesting soy products). It appears that Fage Total 0% is the best low fat yogurt on the market. Fage is the Greek yogurt that […]

People who do not love dogs can still love Amy Hempel

I am allergic to dogs. But, I can understand some people’s affection for tiny paws resting on their laps. I don’t however, have the association with canines that so many do when thinking of Amy Hempel’s work. Amy Hempel is an amazingly reliable storyteller. The magnetic attraction of her writing is increased by the fact […]

pilates- find your abs again

Some people like to blame untoned abs on age. But seriously, there is no excuse for untoned abs except pregnancy. This is why pilates is a fabulous activity. There are classes in most cities across America as well as dvds galore. My favorite pilates dvd is, “Pilates Precision- toning and sculpting with Jennifer Kries.” Kries […]

yoga in the place where you live

Sometimes yoga classes with their overly crowded questionably sanitary conditions can be off putting. This is when it is good to have a yoga dvd on hand that you can do in your home. I really like Crunch’s, “The Perfect Yoga Workout,” the teacher is sweet and easy to listen to. The dvd is neither […]

agave was shunned

I wanted to explain why I did not mention agave in my statement about sugar being the devil. This is because I think it is an overly-marketed sweetener which slightly raises your blood sugar levels just not as much as sugar. I think the stevia brand I mentioned is much better in flavor and body […]

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