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bumps on the road of life

Cuenca’s Rio Tomebamba. It’s well-loved and a perfect setting for strolling. ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* There are times in our lives when we need to find a way to bring us out of a bump on the road of life. Otherwise, staying too long with that bump can damage our entire day. […]

lorna byrne

She inspires! And the messages she gets from Angels go around the world with her as she communicates what they tell her. Seeing Angels and receiving their messages, and asking them questions, I can’t image how that must be for her. On one of her recordings she said that she was in a hotel in […]

Welcome To 2013!

Happy New Year friends & visitors. I hope you are as excited about 2013 as I am! There is something incredibly special about entering a new year and it is important to remember that the possibilities for change are endless. It’s up to you, so what’s it going to be? How is this going to […]

the celestine prophecy

The holidays are here. I love the music playing as I enter shops. There’s always this marvelous merry feeling I wish we could all bottle and have the year long. Though when I see people carrying three or four shopping bags full of gifts, I tend to hope that the givers have enough in their […]

a 2012 imagine that! new year

HAPPY 2012 NEW YEAR TO ALL OF US! It feels as though it’s going to be an interesting 2012. Interesting that loosely-used and versatile word saves the user from having to explain further as it has a way of explaining itself. People understand what they want to understand when the word is used. I like […]


At this time of the year many of us, for different reasons, leave the bright lights and merriment of our own hometown to travel abroad. We go for various reasons: we don’t want to be alone in familiar surroundings, we’re thinking that, at this point in time, we’re not compatible with family, we’re grieving and […]

thanksgiving day

Now seems a good time to prepare for the thanksgiving part of the day, and have it be a real awareness of gratitude. We all should have the specially prepared food down pat with all the help from magazines, cookbooks, etc. The food of: roast turkey (or, if we’re in the south, deep-fried turkey), the […]

happy new year to all of us

What a lovely day it is; the sun is shining brightly, the snow is melting, and 2011 is here. Are we ready for a new wonderful way to live so that we’ll find ourselves in a good place? It seems our intelligent universe is asking individuals to come forth and shine mentally, spiritually, and physically […]


When Christmas shopping has come to an end, I walk into a favorite shop and buy something for myself. A little special something, not a splurge, something only I would call exciting. That something has to be small enough to fit nicely into a suitcase. I never know beforehand where I’ll end up, or when. […]

a black bra

This is a very simple story, and, since it’s Martin Luther King Day, I want to tell it. It was in the 1970’s that two baby girls were born, and at a certain age they became very good friends. One of them was black; the other was white. In high school, among other things, they […]

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