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Thank you to all the authentic spiritual teachers who are trying to get the message out to all of us that gratitude, along with the power of love (for ourselves and all living beings), is something we don’t want to live without. A softly uttered thank you, a loving thank you shout from a hilltop, […]

the peace prayer

What would happen if many of us recited the Peace Prayer tonight? -I’m thinking maybe a big shift in mass consciousness. Maybe? Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love. Where there is injury, pardon. Where there is doubt, faith. Where there is despair, hope. Where there […]

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I’m always curious to read what’s written about Ancient Aliens and their connection to us. What’s exciting now is that reliable, well-informed people are dedicated to unraveling the truth about this subject. There was a time when only a few were privy to discoveries, or if they were revealed further information was not forthcoming, or […]

the storm before the calm, a book

Are you tuned into those people who are saying that it’s time for humanity to reinvent itself? The key’s in the lock, turning ever so slightly, waiting for each one of us to join, to play our part in the building of momentum. All thoughts in sync so that together we can change the old, […]

hybrid foods

When I go into Whole Foods and see the words, “seedless strawberries” and “seedless grapes” and “seedless watermelons” and “seedless raisins” etc. I wonder what exactly is going on with the altering of our food. Those “hybrid foods” are full of unnatural sugars, chemicals, and pesticides. They have no nutritional worth. The people who have […]

just pondering

If you could, what would you change in the world on a large scale? If you were up to the challenge, what would your heart tell you? I think about the people whose focus is to uplift society, and the meager money and attention they get. And I think about those who manage to dumb […]

thomas paine

Thomas Paine served as the first Secretary of State for Pennsylvania, and I’m not seeing many statues of him as I meander around Philadelphia. Though perhaps there are too many of Benjamin Franklin. When delving into this matter, I found a website, that mentioned the Thomas Paine Plaza, and this is what is written: […]

edgar cayce



One morning I logged on to my laptop, and noticed a piece on aol about the most dangerous cities in the US. It wasn’t pretty. Many of the photos were of police capturing troublemakers, all in terribly run-down sections of towns. After that I got to thinking about the word quality, and the fact that […]

Motherhood for Me

Motherhood for me has been such an interesting journey and my son is only 18 months old as of yesterday Nov. 25th. I knew it would change me and change my life but I didn’t know it would add so many layers to my life. Before Sebastian was born I thought I already had a […]

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