Motherhood for Me

Motherhood for me has been such an interesting journey and my son is only 18 months old as of yesterday Nov. 25th. I knew it would change me and change my life but I didn’t know it would add so many layers to my life.

Before Sebastian was born I thought I already had a full life. It was like a part of me awoke after he was born and they told me I had a baby boy in the hospital. I guess that part of me was always there but I just didn’t realize it or know it until Sebastian arrived.

For this reason alone I am so happy we decided to embark in the world of neverending worry, love, and concern, and hopes for our child and hopefully future children. That part of parenting is so mind boggling. All the worrying and hopes and concern you feel for your child it is just nuts. You worry if they are sleeping enough or eating enough or not enough. You worry if they are developing at a fast enough pace or if you should or shouldn’t be giving them certain foods. It is just neverending… I mean there is a whole book section on how to properly raise your child. Unfortunately there are differing opinions on how to raise your child and do things.  That topic is a whole other blog in itself which I am sure I will get there one of these days.

Ok back to motherhood and how much I absolutely love it. The best part is the first time you see your baby in the morning. It is truly like Christmas every day when you see him for the first time.

I just can look at him for hours and think how spectacular he is and how cute and funny he is.  I mean what a sense of humor our child has. He really just cracks me up.

I love thinking of all the wonderful experiences we are going to share all through the years of him growing up. It really is exciting. I can’t wait! I do have to remember to not wish today away.

For the days are long but the years are fast when raising children – such a true statement.

The one thing I love about my son is how sweet and comforting he is to me. He truly has saved me from myself in a way. He puts so much perspective in my life – keeps me grounded.  I can’t say enough great things about being a mom.

When I hear my friends are expecting I am so excited for them to experience the most amazing joy in life… giving life. What a true gift it is, the best one I could have ever hoped or asked life to give me.

Just as Oprah says, “This I know is true” I know being a mother is the most amazing job and experience this life has to offer and I am blessed to have it.

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