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There are those days when there is nothing to say. Nothing to say? – you say. Why there is always something to say. To that I say, hmm. Sure we can all talk incessantly about nothing much. Saying something is more than that though; it’s listening to all that’s around us, and what it’s trying […]


Once in awhile I read some of the crazy spam that finds its way to this site (thousands over a short time), and I press delete. In the process, I wonder in absolute amazement why people would want to spend their time thinking of, writing about, and sending what’s called spam. Often it’s possible to […]

a thank you for a “simple” meal

I HOPE THANKSGIVING DAY WAS EXACTLY AS YOU ALL WANTED IT TO BE. While recovering from a recent hospital experience, I sat one morning with a simple breakfast of Knudsen’s Concord Grape juice diluted with water; scrumptious Wheat Sandwich bread from Metropolitan Bakery in Philadelphia, toasted to perfection and spread with butter and bionatura Organic […]

mentors for monday, and tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday too

“One of the greatest stresses we can endure is trying to live a life that doesn’t fit who we are. We look for some kind of mission and purpose external to ourselves to fill the void that only living in communion with the Inner Self can fulfill. And it is from this connection to the […]

living luminaries, the movie

If you want a change of pace from the nightly negative news; and from movies filled with violence and gore; and video games of the same ilk, then you just might enjoy the movie Living Luminaries. It suggests another way of living in the world, and explains simply how this can be achieved. The gist […]


Indeed the world is experiencing unimaginable suffering. But the world is experiencing a vast amount of good, also – all is not wrong with the world. Does experiencing the world one way or the other depend on us – our thoughts, and how we create in our lives? Over and over and over it has […]


It would seem that this election year is not about having a black or white man, or having a woman in office or not. It’s strange that after all these years, and all that’s happened/happening in the world, this, among other things, is what’s written about and talked about. The world’s needs are not about […]

looking outside the box

Kevin Trudeau’s book, NATURAL CURES “THEY” DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT, has sold over 10 million copies. It’s a #1 New York Times Bestseller. It’s also an eye opener. Have you read it? I started to last week. That said, I don’t want to become a bore again. I used to talk to friends […]

when there were no cell phones

Do you remember what it was like when there were no cell phones, and public phones weren’t always accessible. I remember that we had to be more creative. Think of all the stories we told when we were late for an appointment-a dinner date, an important meeting, etcetera. It wasn’t always possible to get in […]


Sumi and Toshi have a beautiful daughter. Her name is Sophie. A wonderful name. Yes? She was born on 22 May 2007 in NYC. Sophie’s my granddaughter. And we’ve been getting acquainted these past few weeks. She entertains with all of her many expressions. I wondered what she was thinking about as I held her […]

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