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bdgs at gramercy park and eataly at the flatiron district

This past Sunday found Emi and Jessie having six carefully chosen and funny comics for their show Bad Date Great Story at Gramercy Theatre. Are you thinking: Of course they’re “funny”? Well then, I’m asking: Have you ever watched an unfunny comic? I have, and it’s a rather agonizing experience because you feel for […]

“The Gig” a Collaboration of musicians and dancers at Steps

I just went to a brilliant event constructed by Whitney G-Bowley, a dancer who while dating a drummer back in college, was inspired to see dance and music live onstage together. Cut to now. January 2011, Steps dance studio on Broadway between 74th and 75th Street in Manhattan. Caleb Hawley is singer/composer/musician of the night […]

a new yorker

If you live in Manhattan long enough you easily become a food snob. And often you’ll hear a New Yorker say that the pizza, the bagels, the coffee shops, the fine dining are better in Manhattan than anywhere else . . . in the world. Of course, many people would like to argue this point, […]

park slope, brooklyn

Every so often I spend time in Brooklyn because Sumi, Toshi, and Sophie are there, and Emi comes whenever she can. Park Slope is a haven for raising children in a fairly stressless environment. Big chain stores haven’t found Park Slope. Thank God! Small restaurants, friendly charming cafes, small specialty clothing shops, alongside the existing […]

here and there

I put on a comfortable pair of shoes and walk the two miles to the train station and from the platform I stand facing the beautiful Hudson River. It’s the 5th of October and sweat can already be seen on the faces of people. No one is wearing a jacket. How nice it would be, […]

a crowd at the station

This week an early evening train was late leaving Grand Central Terminal. The scheduled time to depart had arrived and gone, and the train was nowhere in sight. Trains at GCT sometimes have mechanical problems, from what I’ve experienced though, they’re not late. The crowd was growing bigger and bigger. As I looked at all […]

a ride along the hudson river

The river changes all the time, and when you take the Metro Hudson train from Manhattan either at 125th Street or Grand Central, you’ll see it in all its splendor. Watch as you travel; it’s a perfect winter scene. If you have to walk through all the cars to get a seat by the river, […]

it’s the people

People from all over the world visit NYC and think they’re seeing the real USA. How can that be? People from all over the world are living in NYC, it belongs to the world, or so it seems. Yes, there are the museums, the top-notch restaurants, the ethnic markets, the shopping, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, […]

grand central terminal

Grand Central terminal, New York City, what a place. Action is what it’s all about. Get into the rhythm of the walk and you’ll be just fine. Meeting someone? Not a chance of missing each other if you meet under the clock. Looking for food? Food is everywhere – upstairs, downstairs, all around the Station. […]

along the hudson river

In Cold Spring only a handful of people walk around at any given time. It’s a quiet town, and those living there seem to like it that way. There are a few good restaurants, a few shops and some antique stores. There’s a lovely inn by the river, and a new park, and biking and […]

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