“The Gig” a Collaboration of musicians and dancers at Steps

I just went to a brilliant event constructed by Whitney G-Bowley, a dancer who while dating a drummer back in college, was inspired to see dance and music live onstage together. Cut to now. January 2011, Steps dance studio on Broadway between 74th and 75th Street in Manhattan. Caleb Hawley is singer/composer/musician of the night whose work is performed on a stage in the large studio. Caleb was on “American Idol” last week, and his songs are beyond clever and hysterical, a perfect fit for the dancers who brought each lyric to life and kicked and flipped through every piece. It was a super idea of Whitney to bring so many gifted artists together! Caleb and his band were energetic and had fun while playing a great show, and the five trained dancers visually entertained and wowed us all on this very freezing NYC night, in the airy creative womb of a supportive excited crowd.

“The Gig” is aimed to show at The Highline Ballroom in March. I will post the details when they become available. For now here’s the event’s website: http://www.gigtheshow.com/

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