This week I saw a posting on FB of people practicing a form of yoga in a studio. Beautiful red-colored fabrics  were keeping them afloat as they glided from one position to another. It was mesmerizing to watch.

And so now when I pass the scene below with beautiful colored fabrics draped over the edge of this bridge, I finally know that yoga is being practiced across from the river with the great outdoors as the studio. 

Two different backgrounds – indoors or in nature, the energy speaks loudly both ways.

You never know what will be happening in the area of the bridge. Sometimes it’s about music, other days artists set up their paintings and sculptures, and then there are times when it’s all about crafts.

The Rio Tomebamba also has its own way of mesmerizing and, I’m thinking that it lends its energy to those practicing yoga a few steps away, and also to those people who come to enjoy its simple pleasures.

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