the weekend

31 July 2005

Michael, it seems you and Alicia, Steph and Billy are relaxing and enjoying your Sea Trail weekend. It also seems that a nice group can make a business trip into something more. You’d be the first to say yes to that.
I spent Saturday apartment hunting with Natalie (for Natalie) in Jackson Heights, Queens. Wow! What a change from the time I was last there as a naive girl from NH. There’s a big Indian population and as you walk past some of the neighborhoods there’s a wonderful curry fragrance in the air. We discovered fun markets and Italian and Argentine restaurants which have to be experienced in the near future.
Natalie had an appointment with a realtor who brought us to her Forest Hills office, after which we discovered an excellent bagel, danish and good coffee place. Of course, we had to test the big blueberry danish because of the need to alleviate stress due to walking and apartment hunting in July’s high humidity.
I stayed in Panama City and Boquete, Panama for four months and don’t remember feeling the humidity as I do now in Manhattan. Is it all the concrete? Or a failed memory?

Note to self: Just enjoy the rest of the summer.

Two questions to ask of the day: 1. If I could live anywhere in the world, where would I choose to live? Why? 2. If I could do anything in the world, what would I do? Why?

Michael, what do you mean by “ride people?”

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