Triple Word Score!

If you’ve never played Scrabble by Parker Brothers you are missing out! There is something about the challenge… Yes you are playing against other people but there is more to it than that. For me the real play is against myself. How witty, creative and (maybe even) tricky I can be. I love the rush that runs up my spine when I see something that will “work”. A seven letter drop, two ‘double word scores’ with one word etc. It is amusing to see what kind of mental twists and turns you can lay down on the board. And hopefully each game you are pushing yourself and learning at the same time and also laughing a little with the other players. I know I always do.

There is something nice about having the tv off for a few hours and getting inside your mind and just focusing on ‘the game’. We are too ‘plugged in’ these days. I know, I work on the net. I couldn’t live without it but I also realize lately the importance of getting back to some things which don’t involve electricity and keyboards.

So if you are looking for something to do this weekend, call up some friends, dust off the Scrabble board and pick your letters!


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